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Katt Williams Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown of Comedian's Fortune

Published Wed Apr 29 2020 By Chester
Katt Williams Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown of Comedian's Fortune

Find out the net worth details of comedian Katt Williams.

Many of you might know the 'tear of happiness' bringing persona Micah Sierra Williams professionally Katt Williams as comedian and actor known from some of his super hit movies like Scary Movie 5, Epic Movie, and Norbit. 

Since Katt has put on his so much long haul of work entertaining the audiences, the majority of fans also seem to be curious regarding the Net Worth he was able to make in his career. So here we present you with all the details, 

Katt Williams's Net Worth

Katt Williams is a successful name in American television for many years now. As a result of his successful career as a comedian and an actor, he holds a net worth of around $1.5 million

Katt Williams is living the life of riches

Katt Williams has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Behind such a staggering number is credited to his successful cinema and stand-up comedy career with some blockbuster hit movies such as My Wife, Friday After Next, Choices 2, Epic Movies, American Bad Boy, Scary Movie and forth.

Williams Movie and Stand Up Earnings

If we overlook the versatile star career, then as mentioned, the father of eight holds the record for delivering some of the best movies, which have set some finest records in the Box office. 

Katt Willimas's performance in Scary Movie 5! 

Starting from the most popular Malcolm D. Lee's 'Scary Movie 5' where he plays the role of Blaine. The movie was a hit and collected a worldwide box office collection of $78,613,981

Similarly, other hit movies like Marcus Raboy's directed 'Friday After Next', which featured popular stars like Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Clifton Powell, Terry Crews, had a worldwide collection of $33,526,835

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Adding piles to the fortune, Brian Robbin's directed movie 'Norbit' where he plays as Lode Have Mercy, with a worldwide gross of $158,973,607.  Other movies like My Wife, Choices 2, Epic Movies, and American Bad Bod also did quite good earnings. So from his acting career, the School Dance actor made a least $2.5 million

Katt Williams Show- Best Stand Up Comedy

Besides the movie, the multi-talented star is also a popular comedian who runs his own popular show, Katt Williams show. As reports from pay scale, stand up shows who earns a least of $100- $200 for a single stand up. 

But for celebrities who stand up like him, he earned at least $1000- $5000 depending on the crowd, venue, and his digital viewer's number. 

William Writing and Producer Earnings

Adding to the fortune, he made good revenue from his 13 writing credits, 9 produced movies and TV specials such as Katt Williams series, and the post-production movie The House Next door. 

Snippet of Katt from his stand up show.

A snippet of Katt from his stand-up show.
Image Source: Metro

As per reports from PayScale, an average writer earns around $50 grand on average. And if we multiply just the median sum and multiply with the total movie, it gives us a sum of $650,000.

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And coming to the producer part, Katt mostly produced TV Special and some movies. Since the producer takes double the sum they invested, William surely made a least of $2 million. So accounting for all that and adding bands of green from his endorsement deals, personal business, shares, Katt Williams net worth is near to $6 million.

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