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Is Kelsey Plum in a Relationship? Who is She Dating Currently?

Published Sun Nov 21 2021 By pragya
Is Kelsey Plum in a Relationship? Who is She Dating Currently?

Who Is Kelsey Plum Dating In 2021? Grab All The Detail About Her Relationship Status Here!

Kelsey Christine Plum is best remembered as Kelsey Plum. She is an American professional basketball player for the Las Vegas Aces of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). She holds a gold medal in Women's 3x3 basketball at the 2020 Summer Olympics. The athlete in her late 20s is a millionaire. Indeed, some outlets noted that she comes under the players holding around a $1.5 Million bank balance. Further, being an Olympics champaign, Kelsey had made her future brighter and added greener in her pocket.

Plum's first work as a broadcaster came on January 17, 2020. She was the analyst for Pac-12 Network's broadcast of the Arizona State at the University of Washington women's basketball game. Moreover, being the least information about her personal life, her fans are curious about knowing her better half.

Is Kelsey Plum Married? Plum Didn't Know her Husband was Josh!

For years, many fans thought the WNBA star, Kelsey Plum, was married. Moreover, the news about Plum's marriage to a man named Josh was widely popular on the internet. However, things took a swift turn when Kelsey Tweeted about her love life.

Kelsey Plum, on the left, was a bride's maid at her sister's wedding
Kelsey Plum, on the left, was a bride's maid at her sister's wedding.
Source: Instagram

The Los Vagas Ace point guard pointed out the misinformation in a hilarious tweet. Kelsey stated she isn't married and never had been in the first place. Likewise, Plum tells the world she doesn't know the mystery man "Josh" but would like to know about him. As such, many fans of the athlete joined in on the fun, introducing themselves as Josh.

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Plum is open about her life, mostly professional life but still. Kelsey thrives in the spotlight. And over the years, she never shared anything about her marriage. The basketball star shared about her sister, Kaitlyn Lawrence, née Plum, getting married.

Despite the huge buzz created by her "wedding to Josh," Kelsey had no idea about her alleged husband. Aside from his imaginary husband, Plum kept a tight hold on any news about her love life. However, the athlete was seen with another basketball player in the past!

Kelsey Plum Spotted With D'Angelo Russell Was a News! So, Here Is The Disclosure

Many fans wonder what is so goofy in Kelsey Plum getting spotted with NBA All-Star D'Angelo Russell; then here is the fact we came to know about the news that hit the internet.

Kelsey Plum spotted with D'Angelo Russell was a piece of news.

Kelsey Plum, spotted with D'Angelo Russell, was a piece of news.
Photo Source: New York Post

In Vegas at the Protein house, the Jerry West Award winner for 2019, D'Angelo, was spotted with Kesley on May 25, 2019. According to the sources, it was an early Saturday afternoon, and they were pretending like a couple.

The meeting happened as D'Angelo's had a heartbreaking split with his girlfriend, Gabby Engersgaard. But, no wonder, was he seeking empathy, or were he and Kesley really into each other? The fact is still under wraps.

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