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Kenneth Mitchell's Career Highlights So Far

Published Mon Sep 23 2019 By Travis
Kenneth Mitchell's Career Highlights So Far

Kenneth Mitchell is a veteran actor; we do not mean the actor is old, he was born on 25 November 1974 and getting ready to celebrate his 45th birthday pretty soon. The reason we are saying he is a television veteran is because he appeared in more than 50 different movies and TV shows.

The thing is he never really settled into one particular role in a successful series and always bounced around playing in one episode or making pilot. The actor started out with a promising career, but he was never able to find the one stable job which would’ve propelled him to superstardom.

Kenneth and Susan at the Stark Trek Discovery premiere
Kenneth and Susan married in 2006 and they share two kids.

No matter where his career went, there was always a rock in his relationship, making sure he was not straying and staying true to the craft of acting. All of the credit for the life he’s lived goes to his wife Susan May Pratt whom the actor married in 2006, and a year later she gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter in 2007 and a son five years late in 2012. Susan is also an actor which is why the relationship between the two lasted this long; they understood what it takes to work in the movie and TV industry and when there is an understanding person the relationship is surely going to thrive.

A stable home and almost 14 years of marriage allowed the actor to continue his career in the film industry. It was the reason the actor was able to get a major role in the upcoming series 'SEE.'

Kenneth’s Appearance as 'Edo' in 'SEE'

Kenneth is appearing in SEE alongside Jason Mamoa.

Kenneth is making his Apple TV+ debut this fall with the highly anticipated show 'SEE.' The show is about a dystopian future where due to an unknown entity, all the humans lose the ability of sight. The other senses of human beings are heightened, and survival is dependent on everything but the ability to see.

The actor is going to appear as 'Edo' in the series; we are yet to get confirmation relating to the character the actor is playing. Except for the name, little is known of the involvement of the actor in the series. 'SEE' will definitely be a game-changer and we are expecting Kenneth to blow everyone away with his performance in the final episodes he is listed to appear in.

Watch: The first trailer for SEE coming this fall on Apple TV+

The show already boasts a great cast with Jason Mamoa leading the cast and Alfre Woodard also roped in to play Paris. This is going to be one hell of a show, and we are more than excited for 1 November when Apple TV+ and SEE debuts.

The Actor’s TV Career

Kenneth Mitchell

Like we mentioned above, the actor is definitely a TV actor which most of his over 50 movies coming in the small screen. The first TV role the actor got was in Leap Years where he was handed a recurring character and appeared in nine episodes in total. After his time was up in the show, he made the journey to the 2002 Odyssey 5 where he was again playing a recurring role, but this time his episode count rose to ten episodes.

After those shows, it was mainly one episode appearances in established procedurals when in 2006 he was finally able to reel in the character of 'Eric Green' in the show 'Jericho' where he appeared in almost all the produced episodes which stopped at the count of 26.

Kenneth Mitchell
Kenneth appeared as Eric Green in Jericho.

Source: TV Guide

In 2008 he appeared in 'Ghost Whisperer' for 15 episodes, the same show his wife was part of for one episode in 2006. It was again, pilot, TV movies and guest roles for the actor when he was again able to grab a semi-stable character of We in the hit Freeform show 'Switched at Birth.'

'The Astronaut Wives Club' hired Kenneth to portray the real-life astronaut Deke Slayton in the series, but it was canceled after only ten episodes, all of which the actor appeared in. Two years late he landed the role of 'Kol' in the hit CBS All Access show 'Star Trek: Discovery' where he appeared in the final five episodes of season two.

Star Trek Doscovery
Kenneth played the character of 'Kol' in Star Trek: Discovery.

All of these let the actor to one of the most expensive shows in history with SEE where he will be involved in the final four episodes.

Kenneth’s Experience in Movies

Kenneth Mitchell

After appearing in a few short movies, the actor landed the role of Alan in the film 'The Recruit' starring Colin Farrell and Al Pacino. The movie was not something the critics loved, but it was still able to gross more than $100 million at the box office.

The next major role he played was in the movie 'Miracle,' the retelling of the famous 1980 Winter Olympics win by the USA national ice hockey team against the heavy favorites the Soviet Union. The win was dubbed ‘Miracle on Ice’ and Kenneth was not there till the end of the movie, but he still gave a great performance in the hit movie.

Kenneth Mitchell
Kenneth appeared as Joseph Danvers in the hit Marvel movie Captain Marvel.

Source: Twitter

Kenneth appeared next in the movie 'Home of the Giants' and then his most major role was in the movie 'Captain Marvel.' Though he didn’t appear a whole in the lot more in the film, he can still take pride in the fact he is the father of 'Captain Marvel.' The actor played the role of 'Joseph Danvers,' but he was credited only as Carol’s Dad in the film.

Though, not a mind-blowing career with starring roles and hit movies, the actor was still able to manage to squeeze out a respectable life and career in the movies. We are hoping he can finally be able to get a normal starring job in a new show and get to show his full potential.

Kenneth Mitchell
With SEE, there is much more to come from the actor.

Source: Twitter

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