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Kevin Hart Suffers Horrific Car Crash; Get All The Details Here!

Published Mon Sep 02 2019 By Travis
Kevin Hart Suffers Horrific Car Crash; Get All The Details Here!

Kevin Hart sustained some back injuries and he is currently in the hospital after being in a car crash.

Kevin Hart is a world-famous comedian and a beloved actor who starred in numerous blockbuster hit movies over the years. He co-starred in the $960 million-grossing film Jumanji which recently finished filming the sequel. The actor was involved in an accident where his car crashed in the Malibu Hills, California.

The actor was on his way home when the incident occurred about nine hours ago where he and two other passengers were involved in a horrific accident. The actor was taken to a hospital while the other two passengers were taken to another hospital.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart was involved in a car crash.

The actor is injured and here is everything you should know about the crash and the aftermath of the event.

The Location Of The Accident

Kevin Hart with his muscle car.

The actor was on his way home when after midnight around 12:44 am the car inside which Kevin was a passenger tumbled over the barricade near the Mulholland Highway and Cold Canyon Road. Kevin was with two other passengers in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda; the actor was a passenger in his own car with another person driving the vehicle when the incident occurred.

Who Were The Other People In The Car?

Jared Stantonn and Rebecca Boxterman.

Kevin was a passenger in his car, and the vehicle was driven by Jared Stantonn, the fiancé of the third passenger, Rebecca Broxterman, and also the personal trainer of Kevin’s wife. The police arrived on the scene, and they said the driver was not under the influence when the crash occurred. Kevin was taken to Northridge Hospital Medical Centre, and the other two passengers were taken to another hospital.

The investigators said the 28-year-old black was driving the car when after midnight he lost control of the vehicle and the vehicle ended up 10 feet off the trench.

Reaction To The Crash From Kevin’s Friends

The actor worked with many A-listers over the years, and most of the actors took to Instagram and Twitter to convey their love and prayers for the actor and their friend. Bryan Cranston, who worked with Kevin Hart in 'The Upside' took to Instagram and said, “I’ve just heard that @kevinhart4real was injured today in a car accident in Los Angeles. Let’s all send him positive energy and healing thoughts. He’s a good human. Get well soon, brother. B.”

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart
Bryan Cranston posted a message along with a sweet message for Kevin Hart.

Source: Bryan Cranston, Instagram

Dwayne Johnson, who frequently collaborates with Kevin and will next be seen in Jumanji 2 also took to Instagram to say, “Stop messing with my emotions brother @kevinhart4real. We have a lot more laughing to do together. Love you man. Stay strong 🙏🏾”

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.
Dwayne Johnson was also on Instagram to send love to his friend.

Source: Dwayne Johnson, Instagram

Terry Crews also took to Twitter with a sweet message of “Get well soon, brother,” after the actor was rumored to sustain a back injury.

At this moment, the actor is said to be out of danger, and he only sustained back injuries. There was also reporting which said the actor will be able to walk and will be discharged from the hospital pretty soon. We hope Kevin is doing okay and his family is strong in this difficult time.