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Kirstin Maldonado Plastic Surgery: Here's What You Should Know

Published Sat Mar 06 2021 By Tashipalmo
Kirstin Maldonado Plastic Surgery: Here's What You Should Know

Did Kirstin Maldonado have plastic surgery?Here's what you should know! 

The Pentatonix lead singer Kirstin Taylor Maldonado was born on May 16, 1992, in Forth Worth, Texas. She was raised as an only child by her mother, a Spanish Italian, and her father, who is Mexican.  

The 28-year-old singer,actress, and songwriter were meant to be in showbiz since Kirstin was an immensely talented kid growing up. In fact, with her mother's constant support, she started her advanced singing training at a very young age.  

kirsten in a frame

 Kirsten Maldonado has allegedly gone through plastic surgery.
Photo Source: Weight And Skin

The "Break a little" singer has swiftly made her way into the industry and garnered a lot of attention worldwide with her fierce look and outstanding talent.It isn't new news that celebrities go under the knife to look a certain way and adhere to society's beauty norms. And Kirsten recently has been in the news for alleged plastic surgery. Let's find more.

Kirsten Maldonado's Plastic Surgery Speculations 

The three-time Grammy winner singer in her interview with AsianFusion in 2014, had given a piece of her mind about plastic surgery where she admits to being disheartened by people telling her to get some features fixed, and she even at one-time thought that maybe looking a certain way does make one's life easier. Kirsten then tells about how she found her peace and was set on finding her best self.  

Kirsten selfie

 Kirsten gave a piece of her mind about plastic surgery in one of her interviews in the past. 
Photo Source: Tumblr

Did Kirsten had a change of heart, succumbed to societal pressure, and finally went under the knife, or is it all just a ridiculous speculation. Although there is no concrete proof of the 28-year-old having plastic surgery, a careful inspection of her old photos and her new ones suggests some cosmetic enhancement. 

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If she indeed has gotten things done, then it could be Botox, facelift, lip fillers. Some fans even think that Kirsten Maldonado got a boob job.  

Giving Kirsten her benefit of the doubt, another possibility can be that her latest look in the photos can be all just makeup effects and work of filters because why in the world would someone pay to look like that. Do you all also agree that she was way prettier in her old photos?  

Kirsten Maldonado's Career And Net Worth

Kirsten Maldonado piously pursued her singing career for years, and her breakthrough came when she won the first season of Sing-off with her band members in 2011. It was following which Sony Music signed her band, and so began her journey.  

The Pentatonix band member

 Kirsten Maldonado has an estimated net worth of $8 million.
Photo Source: Youtube

She and her band members created a Youtube channel and had successfully garnered millions of followers. Kirstin, along with her other Pentatonix band members, namely Scott Hyong, Mitch Grassi, Matt Sallee, Kelvin Olusola, in their collective career, has released nine studio albums, six extended plays, eighty singles, and fifty music video. 

They also have three Grammys, a streamy award, a shorty award, a Youtube music award, and several billboard nominations to their name. Kirsten Maldonado refers to the band members as her family. 

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Kirsten Maldonado's estimated net worth is found to be $8 million, and reportedly earns a whopping 750,000 for an annual salary. She has been in a relationship with Ben Hausdorf, a freelance cinematographer, since 2018. Kirsten previously was engaged to a singer/YouTuber Jeremy Lewis in 2016, but their wedding was called off. 

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