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Know About Randy Clohessy Ex-Wife of Frankie Valli

Published Wed Jun 21 2023 By Bsgurung
Know About Randy Clohessy Ex-Wife of Frankie Valli

Randy Clohessy, born in 1960, is the third and former wife of the American singer Frankie Valli. She was married to Frankie Valli from July 7, 1984, until 2004, and they were together for a total of 20 years before deciding to separate. During their marriage, they had three children named Francesco, Emilio, and Brando.

Frankie Valli is widely known as an award-winning singer who has achieved great success and has sold millions of records, both as a solo artist and as the lead vocalist of the famous band, the Four Seasons. Throughout his career, he has often made headlines for his musical achievements and contributions.

Is Randy Clohessy Single or Dating Anyone? 

After her separation from Frankie Valli, there is limited information available about Randy Clohessy's life. However, considering that their children were in their teenage years at the time, it is reasonable to assume that she took on the role of a full-time single mother, prioritizing her children and focusing on their well-being.

Randy Clohessy ex-husband
Image: Randy Clohessy with her ex-husband, Frankie Vallie. Source: Pinterest

It is unclear whether Randy Clohessy reentered the dating scene after her divorce or pursued any specific career path. Likewise, there is no available information regarding her involvement in charity work or any voluntary activities.

As Randy Clohessy has maintained a relatively low profile since her divorce from Frankie Valli, the details of her personal life and subsequent endeavors remain undisclosed to the public.

Previously Married To Frankie Valli

The former couple first met in the early 1980s, shortly after Frankie Valli divorced his second wife. They hit it off right away and began dating. Within two years of dating, they decided to take their relationship one step further.

Frankie Vallie and Randy Clohessy divorced
Image: Singer, Frankie Vallie with his ex-spouse, Randy Clohessy together at the party. Source: Daily Mail

Randy was Frankie Valli's third wife, and they got married in 1984 at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan. The singer was around 24 years old at the time, while Frankie Valli was 50. Their wedding was a grand affair with over a hundred guests, and despite the significant age difference, they looked adorable together. 

Randy and Frankie were married for 20 years before their relationship deteriorated. They eventually divorced in 2004, citing irreconcilable differences. The exact reason for their split has not been publicly disclosed.

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Divorced Settlement

Due to hectic work schedules, Frankie Valli and Randy Clohessy separated. Valli himself expressed his dedication to show business and his belief that it brings him happiness. The divorce was initiated by Valli, leading to a prolonged legal battle. The main point of contention during the divorce proceedings was the financial aspect.

 Randy requested spousal and child support. The court ruled in her favor, awarding her $5,000 per month as spousal support and an additional $25,000 in royalties from Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli's successful Broadway musical. However, the financial disagreements did not end there. Prior to the divorce, Valli had taken out a life insurance policy in Randy Clohessy's name after experiencing heart issues in 2003. 

By 2004, the insurance was valued at around $700,000, and Valli requested that it be split evenly between them. Randy resisted this, leading to a legal battle that eventually reached the California Supreme Court. The court ultimately decided that the life insurance was community property, and Valli was entitled to half of it.

Shares Three Kids With Former Husband, Frankie Valli

With her husband, Randy, she became the mother of three children. After seven years of marriage, the pair welcomed their twin children. All of her children have grown up and are doing well in their respective fields. 

Frankie Vallie and Randy Clohessy has three kids
Image: Singer, Frankie Valli with his three kids. Source: Twitter

Randy has also three stepchildren including Antonia, Francine, and Celia Valli. Unfortunately, Celia and Francine have passed away. Celia reportedly died after falling off a fire escape, while Francine passed away six months later due to a drug overdose.

Talented Kids With Impressive Careers

Francesco was born in 1987, which means he was approximately 17 years old when his parents divorced. Today, he is pursuing a career as an actor and has landed minor roles in movies like "The House Bunny" (2008) and "Reach Me" (2014. 

Emilio initially explored the entertainment industry and worked as a production assistant on shows like "Ray Donovan," "Agent Carter," and "CSI: Las Vegas." He pursued his education at institutions such as NYU's High School Film Program and L.A. Film School. Among Randy Clohessy's children, the one who seems to have inherited his father's musical inclination is Brando, the twin brother of Emilio. 

Brando is a DJ, producer, and singer. He performs under the stage name SNSE and has released several singles, including "Imagine," "We Need Love," and "Orisha." In 2020, Brando collaborated with his father on a track titled "Goodbyes," showcasing their musical connection and partnership.

Net Worth of Randy Clohessy in 2023

As of 2023, Randy Clohessy has a reported net worth of $1.5 million. Following her divorce from Frankie Valli, she received a substantial amount of money in the settlement. Randy is said to reside in a lavish mansion located in Encino, California whose value is over $4 Million

Frankie Valli has net worth of $80 Million.
Image: Singer Frankie Valli performing his songs. Source: Twitter

That particular home has six bedrooms and spans across 6,7000 sq ft. Regarding her ex-husband, Frankie has amassed a significant fortune, with a reported net worth of $80 million.

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