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Naomi Nelson - Some Intriguing Facts to Know About Johnny Knoxville’s Wife

Published Fri Dec 27 2019 By Kenshinpark
Naomi Nelson - Some Intriguing Facts to Know About Johnny Knoxville’s Wife

It's a joke when someone says they haven't heard of a notorious prankster, Johnny Knoxville (born Phil John Clapp), and his stunt-themed series. The stars show always involve dangerous and one of the craziest stunts which endanger the life of the cast members. In short, Knoxville's pranks are more than average prank show.

While people like him for his crazy acts, there is someone who loves him for a whole lot of different reasons. We are talking about none other than 'Jackass Reunion' star's wife, Naomi Nelson. Her name may be new for many of you, but she is more than a celebrity spouse.

We have gathered some interesting facts about Johnny Knoxville's wife, Naomi Nelson, which we hope you might be interested in giving it a read. And we are sure, some of the facts are going to blow your mind, yes, Naomi is that amazing of a person.

Who is Naomi Nelson? What Does She Do?

Naomi Nelson in black dress.

Naomi is a well-known director who is recognized for her work on 'Fifth Star.'
Source: TV Show Stars

Earlier, we stated Naomi Nelson is more than a celebrity spouse. Well, to elaborate the point, we gathered some information about the 39-year-old. Naomi Nelson (born August 20, 1980) is a well-known film director. The 39-year-old is best known for her work on 'Carnivàle' (2003 - 2005), 'Fifth Star' (2010), and 'Reel Grrls' 2009 Productions (2009).

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It is obvious Naomi did not get much attention as she was always working behind the cameras. However, her work on the hit TV series, Carnivàle in 2005, really worked a charm for her. Naomi's work as an assistant to producers (12 episodes, in 2005) was recognized by all the people in the entertainment business.

Moreover, Naomi Nelson is the co-writer/director of the hit 2010 documentary, 'Fifth Star.' The documentary shows Naomi exploring the history of a woman getting the right to vote in Washington one hundred years ago. The documentary won many hearts and helped Naomi get much deserving recognition.

Naomi Nelson Married Johnny Knoxville After Two Years of Dating

Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson.

Naomi Nelson and Johnny Knoxville started dating in 2008, and married after two years of dating on September 24, 2010.
Source: Just Jared

A shocking, however, good news came out back in 2010. Johnny Knoxville, who is known for his wacky and dangerous pranks, shocked the world when he settled down with his long-time girlfriend, Naomi Nelson. Naomi and Johnny, who started dating since 2008, decided to tie the knots after two years of dating. The couple got engaged and walked down the aisle within a matter of days.

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According to some sources, The couple picked Naomi's engagement ring just two days before their marriage on September 24, 2010. One of the many reasons why the couple rushed everything could be Mr. and Mrs.'s first child. The couple was blessed with a son already.

Naomi Nelson and Johnny Knoxville Share Two Kids

Naomi Nelson and Johnny Knoxville with their two kids.

Naomi Nelson and Johnny Knoxville share two kids, son Rocko Akira Clapp, and daughter Lemoyne Yoko Clapp.
Source: Daily Mail

While it was no surprise, Naomi Nelson and Johnny Knoxville welcomed their first child, son Rocko Akira Clapp, on December 20th, 2009, before even they tied their knots. The couple welcomed their second child, daughter Lemoyne Yoko Clapp, in 2011.

The couple, however, is parents to three kids as Johnny shares a daughter, Madison Clapp, from his previous wife, Melanie Lynn Cates. Naomi, despite being a stepmother, never let Madison feel that way. According to the reports, this is one of the reasons the couple is going strong even after a decade long relationship.

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