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Larry Rosen, the Producer Of 'Mr. Merlin' Dies at 84

Published Thu Oct 01 2020 By Chester
Larry Rosen, the Producer Of 'Mr. Merlin' Dies at 84

Larry Rosen, the producer of 'Mr. Merlin' dies at 84.

You may all have heard about Larry Rosen, an Emmy-nominated producer. His amazing projects include 'The Girl With Something Extra', 'Mr. Merlin', 'Jennifer Slept Here', and many more.

Recently, the news was announced to the world saying that one of the great producers has died. His family announced that he had died on September 14, in Los Angeles at the age of 84, from pancreatic cancer.

The Snippet of Late Larry Rosen

The Snippet of Late Larry Rosen
Image Source: Twitter

The late producer started his career in Youngstown, Ohio, and had worked with Larry Tucker, and Paul Mazursky, where they had produced many hit movies and TV series like 'Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice', 'Mr. Merlin', 'The Partridge Family', 'The Girl With Something Extra', and many more.

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Rosen was born on February 8, 1936, in Newark, New Jersey. He mostly spends his childhood in Detroit. In 1957, he was graduated from the University of Michigan.

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In 1999, the late producer was married to Joyce. They have children named Betty and Steven. He also had grandchildren named- Aidan, Logan, Georgia, Jasmine, and Max

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Though Rosen passed away, he will forever be remembered throughout his movies & TV series. We are heartbroken to hear his tragic demise and express our condolence to the late producer and his family. May Rosen departed soul rest in peace in heaven.

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