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Lashana Lynch in New James Bond Movie as 007 Looks Way Better Than Hoped

Published Sun Sep 29 2019 By Travis
Lashana Lynch in New James Bond Movie as 007 Looks Way Better Than Hoped

The first image from the sets of Bond 25, No Time To Die, is online and we are loving it.

The filming for the upcoming, highly anticipated Bond 25, 'No Time To Die,' is finished with the directors and producers along with the people involved in front of the camera celebrated the end of the filming process in a wrap party where Daniel Craig was pretty drunk. The movie is currently holding a release date of 8 April 2020 and everything done (reshoots are part of the film-making process so expect some here as well) now the promotion, for the final time Daniel Craig appears in the movie, is going to start.

The first thing every blockbuster movie does after filming wraps, they release some set image to show the fans what is going on in the film. Nothing too revealing, some on-stage image of actors in costume and character and some of the profile image makes their way into magazines right up to the release of the movie. 'No Time To Die' is following the same pattern and the images coming from the sets of the 25th Bond movie are extremely hopeful.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
James Bond set photo were released and they look fine, super fine.

Source: MovieWeb

For the first time, we are getting our look on the first-ever black and female Bond, well, all other time the actor playing the character was white so, first-ever any-race bond actor. The first image we saw was the first female Bond, laughing on set with Lea Seydoux. Then there are the image of Lashana Lynch in full tactical uniform with magazine right above are left hip and an automatic weapon on her right thigh.

Ear-piece, grenade, automatic weapon, and the serious look on her face makes it all look like she is the right person to take up the mantle of 'James Bond.' In the movie Jame Bond is gone, he is retired and living retirees life, while 'Nomi' takes up the now-vacated 007 moniker and goes on missions.

Then a mysterious new threat arrives on the scene, and Bond needs to come back to prevent a catastrophic event from happening. He will also aid the new '007,' and both of them go on the quest to hunt down this new mysterious threat while the old one, Bond’s arch-nemesis, 'Blofeld' is still lurking around, waiting for the right opportunity to strike back at the one person who’s responsible for all his trouble and failure.

'No Time To Die' is going to be the last time Daniel Craig will be coming back to the role of Jame Bond which means this movie is the farewell tour to one of the best Bond actors out of the six who’ve taken on the role.

Not a clear cut winner considering he is batting a .500 average with two of his movies being bad and two being the best of the series. This final appearance will dictate how the actor bows out from the character of Bond, with a winning record or a losing one.

No Time To Die will arrive in theatres on 8 April 2020, so, hold on to your horses, because this is going to be a wild ride considering Phoebe Waller-Bridge was brought to write the script.

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