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Laura Pradelska Was Called A 'Transgender Wh**e'

Published Sun Aug 04 2019 By Kenshinpark
Laura Pradelska Was Called A 'Transgender Wh**e'

One of the four women at Zara shop on July 31 called Laura Pradelska a "transgender wh*re."

Game of Thrones alum, Laura Pradelska took to social media claiming she was attacked on 31 July on London's Oxford Street after the actress tried to defend an older customer who was also being abused at Zara shop.

Laura claimed she never usually rant on social media, but things she witnessed at Zara shop urged her to post on social media.

The actress alleged four women jumped the line, and a kind lady who was just behind the star asked those four women not to cut the line at which they started shouting the worst abuse at her.

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Laura, who was in the same line, could not hear what those four women were saying and tried to stop them from abusing the old lady. Following which, one of the women started to shout at Laura's face and verbally attacked her with vile and racial abuse, while another woman screamed and called the star a "TRANSGENDER WH*RE."

The actress said, "completely insignificant whether I am trans or not, but I’d hope @ZARA would NEVER tolerate this behavior (sic)."

The Game of Thrones star claimed she was attacked when the actress tried to stop women to stop cutting line to join another woman who was already paying at the cash desk.

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An older lady who was in the same line asked those women to be in the line politely, and the reply old lady got was something vile, and disgusting, and that really ticked off the star and went to defend her.

The actress said, " An older customer in the queue asked how long they may be taking as she wasn’t feeling too well but ‘the next thing I heard was, something that I can’t actually repeat the word, it was the most elder, abusive, disgusting, screaming, talking about vile words. How she was an 'ugly old b***h.' It was horrible, and all she said was 'are you paying together, I’m not feeling very well."

Laura continued, "That’s when it all kicked off. For some reason, they thought I am transgender, which is fine. I have a lot of transgender friends. It was just for them, I think, to say something 'really horrible' in their mind, which isn’t a horrible thing to me at all."

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Laura further added, "It’s a very natural human thing. So the woman turned around and just screamed 'I’m a transgender w***e, and I shouldn’t belong in this world, I’m ugly, and she doesn’t know where I come from, but wherever it is, I should get the f**k back.' It was just horrendous. It was quite a few of them, it got worse and worse, and people got involved."

After a while, Zara official account responded to Laura's tweet and apologized for the incident, Zara wrote, "Hello Laura, we are sorry to hear this. Kindly DM us via our ZARA Care account: confirming which store on Oxford street you visited, along with your contact number and email address so that we can look into this for you. Thank you."