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Lauren Alaina's New EP Coming in September

Published Thu Jul 30 2020 By Kenshinpark
Lauren Alaina's New EP Coming in September

Lauren Alaina new EP coming this September 4.

Lauren Alaina announced she is going to surprise her fans with a new EP, 'Getting Over Him.' The singer revealed her new EP will come out on September 4, 2020. 

On her statement, Alaina said, "Music is my lifeline. Music literally pulls me out of everything I ever go through, (career, health, heartbreak, family, love, self-worth) and I feel really empowered with this music."

The singer continued, "I feel like this music shows my personal growth and my emotional growth. his EP of songs is all about loving myself through other people not loving me and not staying with me."

Lauren added, "It's about me being able to get back to that same confident girl I wrote about on Road Less Travelled and to hold on to that confidence. I get to celebrate that with this music, and I am so excited. I can't wait for the fans to hear it."

lauren alaina new ep getting over him.

EP cover for 'Getting Over Him.'
Photo Source: Mercury Nashville

According to the reports, the upcoming contains six songs including duets with Jon Pardi and Lukas Graham

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The singer said, "I've done duets with other people for their projects, but I have never done any for my own. I've got a duet with Pardi on his album, and then he loved this one ['Getting Over Him']. His energy is so amazing. I can't believe I have a rebound song – but I do."

Here's the complete list of songs on Alaina's new upcoming EP.

1. "Run" (Lauren Alaina/Ben Johnson/Kennedi)
2. "If I Was A Beer" (Lauren Alaina/David Garcia/Hardy)
3. "Bar Back" (Lauren Alaina/David Garcia/Hilary Lindsay) 
4. "Getting Over Him (duet with Jon Pardi)" (Lauren Alaina/Paul DiGiovanni/Emily Weisband)
5. "See You In Your Hometown" (Lauren Alaina/Ben Johnson/ Kennedi)
6. "What Do You Think Of? (duet with Lukas Graham) "(Lauren Alaina/Johan Carlsson/ Asia Whiteacre).

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