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Learn about The Asher House Girlfriend: Who is she?

Published Fri Mar 24 2023 By Bsgurung
Learn about The Asher House Girlfriend: Who is she?

The Asher House is a nonprofit organization in Oregon that primarily focuses on rescuing animals. Lee Asher founded the company and traveled around 50 states to promote dog rescue and adoption. He is also a social media personality who primarily focuses on fitness and lifestyle. 

From his great deeds, Lee has amassed over 1 Million followers in the Instagram world. Let's dig into more detail about The Asher House's personal life. Here is everything you need to know related to the famous dog lover.

Is The Asher House, Lee Asher Single or Dating? Know About Asher's Relationship Status

The Asher House owner, Lee Asher, is one of the most popular dog rescuers in the United States. His popularity has often put him in the limelight. So, Lee's fans and media often wonder about his relationship status. However, in Lee's favor, he loves to keep to himself and rarely speaks about his love life. 

Lee Asher with his pitbull dog
Image: The Asher House, Lee Asher with his pitbull dog. 
Source: Instagram

Well, it remains a mystery whether he is single or dating anyone. So he is not in a relationship, at least to public knowledge. The famous dog rescuer might be dating someone but has chosen to hide Lee's lover. 

Lee loves enjoying time with his dogs and said moments are shared frequently on his Instagram account. By not revealing anyone as his partner, many people question Asher's sexuality. Nothing much has opened up by the Asher, so it is all a riddle.

Do The Asher House Have a Wife? Know About Lee's Ex-Girlfriend, Sydney Febrache

The animal activist has had several affairs and relationships in the past. But Lee Asher has never been married to anyone to date. But Asher's one known relationship was with a lady, Sydney Febrache, who is also a dog lover like him. Sydney is a native of Indiana who is a blogger and has followers of over 287K on her Instagram account. 

Sydney Febrache with her partner, Henry Friedman
Image: Sydney Febrache with her partner, Henry Friedman. 
Source: Instagram

With a mutual interest in dogs, the pair began their sweet romance in early mid-2016. They even adopted several dogs during their romantic journey. However, their relationship lasted for only two years, and they finally parted ways in April 2018. After that, Sydney continued her journey, living in a van alongside her beloved golden retriever. 

Currently, she is engaged to her partner, Henry Friedman, who is also a dog lover. Furthermore, Asher was previously in a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Ann Rubiolo, who is now dating her boyfriend, Marian Benitez.

Asher House and His Wonderful Relationship With Partner, Luke Barton

The Asher House's most important person is Luke Barton. He is an American dog photographer who is a good pal of Lee. They started their friendship back in 2018 and had immediate impacts on one another's life. Dog lovers even quit their respective jobs and promoted the adoption of rescued dogs. 

Lee Asher House and Luke Barton appeared in Ellen Degeneres show
Image: The Asher House with his photographer partner, Luke Barton. 
Source: Instagram

With the commitment, the partners raised funds, bought an RV, and hit the roads to start dog dog-related campaign. These deeds at least led to one rescue dog being adopted in every state of the United States. Overall they helped over 200 dogs to be adopted during their RV campaign around the United States. 

Several known publications like The Washington Post covered their story for awareness. Also, they documented their entire journey on social media and raised money for their campaign. In April 2019, they were also presented as a guest on the Ellen De Generes Show and gained national recognition.

The Asher House is the Biggest Dog Rescue Organization in the United States

The Asher House was founded by Lee Asher, which helps to rescue animals and provides them with a lime of comfort. After the death of his Pitbull dog, Stella, Asher was fully involved in this awareness program.

Lee Asher runs non profitable organization, The Asher House
Image: Animal activist Lee Asher with his pet dogs. 
Source: Instagram

In late 2020, the organization bought a giant property perfect settlement for rescued animals in Estacada, Oregon. The main motto of The Asher House is to make this world a better place and rescue animals at a time. 

For this campaign to enhance, several known celebrities have helped Asher. He often collaborates with several animal lovers and celebrities for animal betterment. In 2017, the dog lover even attended the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and educated people about the importance of his works.

Lee Asher "The Asher House" Net Worth in 2024

Lee Asher is running a nonprofit organization, The Asher House. However, with his hard work and dedication, Lee has added fortune to his account. As of 2024, he is enjoying a net worth of $1.5 Million, which he gathered to his incredible career. 

The Asher House raises money for the betterment of the animals. Being full-time workers, Lee and his workers take a salary from the company. In addition, the firm makes money from its website, where The Asher House sells several accessories and merchandise.

Lee sells merch from $5 to over $200 and has excellent sales records. So, as estimated, Asher is making over $80,000 per annum through his overall involvement. He often flexes his lifestyle on his Instagram account.

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Social Media Involvements

Lee is a very active user of the social media world and often updates the world about his daily deeds. In 2014, he joined Twitter and collected over 4.5 K followers and 23 tweets. Dog Lover's Facebook account has over 3.1 Million followers. 

Similarly, his most used social site is Instagram, where Asher has over 1 Million followers and has done over 2.1K posts. All accounts are made under The Asher House and have a great response from the fans. Furthermore, the dog rescuer started his own YouTube channel in June 2017. 

That particular account has over 365K Subscribers and over 300 videos. Every post is watched by thousands of people from around the world. Now it has over 55 Million views and is running very smoothly. 

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