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'Logan' Star Dafne Keen - Top 5 Facts About The Young Actress!

Published Thu Sep 26 2019 By Travis
'Logan' Star Dafne Keen - Top 5 Facts About The Young Actress!

Dafne Keen is a great actress, and she honed her acting talents from a pretty young age and considering the fact she is now 14 years old, she is still young but sage beyond her age. While most young kids are getting bit parts and slowly coming into the public eye over a period of time, Dafne, on the other hand, thrust her name and her acting prowess for the world to see when the movie Logan arrived.

'X-23' actor was something people knew her as and then there was the actress herself, her nuanced, strong yet emotionally fallible performance was what propelled an already great movie to new heights. Logan was the last time Hugh Jackman appeared as 'Wolverine,' and while it was the sending off to 17 years and numerous magnificent performances by the actor, it was also an announcement trailer for the magnificent actress Keen.

Dafne Keen
Dafne Keen was hired to play X-23 in Logan starring Hugh Jackman.

Source: Wikipedia

The actress is now set to anchor the highly anticipated and beloved adaptation of Philip Pullman’s book series ‘His Dark Materials’ which is a joint production between BBC and HBO. Dafne is playing the character of Lyra, and she is the leading character in the show, which is going to allow her to reach even more of an audience in the coming days. So, here are a few facts you should know about the talented actress.

5. Dafne’s Mom was Her Coach in His Dark Materials

Dafne Keen with her parents.

The upcoming TV show ‘His Dark Materials’ is almost a family event of the Keen family household. 'Will Keen,' Dafne’s father, is already one of the cast members of the show and it was confirmed Maria Fernandez Ache, her mother, was hired as the acting coach of the new show. Dafne was coached by her mother all her life, but she was also her coach in the new show which must’ve been hard considering the actress herself is a brilliant performer and is going to hold her daughter to the same standards.

4. Spent Holidays in Rehearsal Spaces

Will Keen acting in a medieval piece.

Like mentioned above, both the parents of Dafne are accomplished theatre actors and Dafne grew up in the same acting environment. When her school used to be out for holidays, the actress said she used to go to rehearsals with her mother and father and watch them work the whole day. This was the place where she realized and learned how to act and be a more reliable person. Spending holidays inside a theatre doesn’t seem like a great time for a little kid, but Dafne enjoyed her time learning and looking at her parents.

3. Her Audition Tape Blew Everyone Away

James Mangold and Hugh Jackman knew Logan was going to be the final appearance of the actor in the role and they knew which story they wanted to adopt and they also knew the type of actors they need to surround the actor with. Jackman was involved in the hiring process of actors, and when Dafne Keen stepped in the room, the actor and the then 11-year-old actress screen-tested and the people in the room and Patrick Stewart sitting at home were all blown away by what they just saw on screen.

Dafne and Hugh screen-tested together in the infamous, hilarious scene from the movie when X-23 and Logan get into a fight, and all of a sudden his “daughter” lets off a triad of Spanish curses and screaming. It was amazing, and the actress got the job when she appeared to seemingly blow everyone away.

2. She Did Her Own Stunts

The X-23 actress was trained in martial arts, and she was also an over-active kid at an early age. Which came in handy when the actress was cast in the movie Logan, the director and the actor involved in the film said the actress did all of her own stunts. Dafne herself said the actress loved all the wire works and doing all of her stunts which was tremendous fun for her. The director, James, said she was always jumping around on the sets and when the time came to jump around even more on camera, she was game.

1. Would Love to Play X-23 Again

The actress was hired to play the character of X-23, and she was set to appear and blew everyone with her performance. But it was also the final performance of Wolverine which means it was also the last time we saw the appearance of Dafne in the role of X-23. Whatever the future though, she is not being deterred by the supposed final performance, the actress said she would love to play the character again in a movie.

When asked about the character, Dafne said, “She is an emotional bomb. She’s complicated, she tries to be so strong, but she feels so kind of vulnerable at the same time. I really love her. I’d love to keep playing her.” Frankly, we wouldn’t mind a solo movie with Dafne Keen as the character, and 'Logan' acting as a jumping-off point for the character.

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