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Will Keen's Daughter Dafne Keen - Her Journey from Logan to His Dark Materials

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By Travis
Will Keen's Daughter Dafne Keen - Her Journey from Logan to His Dark Materials

The acting family of the Will Keen is something which only grew in 2014 after his daughter took her first stepped into the acting world. The first time Dafne Keen Fernandez took her first step in the movie and TV industry was with the TV show ‘The Refugees.’ Will was there with his daughter, and she was only five years old when the two first appeared together in a TV show.

Will Keen was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England and the prospective acting star started his schooling at Eton College, and he was able to get a degree from Oxford University for English Literature and then moved into acting. The actors were a great theatre actor with his early days spent working in various plays in illustrious theatres.

Will Keen
Will Keen is a theatre trained actor and also the father of Dafne Keen.

Source: Zimbio

But TV was not the limit of his acting prowess with the talented theatre actor and producer moving into TV shows where he appeared in an acclaimed show like Wolf Hall and also played the real-life character in 'The Crown'. He is also appearing in the much-awaited television adaptation of the acclaimed Philip Pullman books.

While he was only getting on with his acting career in the early days, the aspiring actor met Maria Fernandez Ache who was also an actress and the two married pretty soon. The two also were responsible for giving birth to their daughter, Dafne Keen, and now the father and daughter are again working together in His Dark Materials.

Will Keen with his wife Maria Fernandez Ache and daughter Dafne Keen, during a premiere.
Will Keen with his wife Maria Fernandez Ache and daughter Dafne Keen, during a premiere.

Source: Zimbio

Dafne Keen saw a meteoric rise for her career after the amazing audition tape of the actress with Hugh Jackman for the final 'Wolverine' movie, 'Logan.' Since then the actress in only going up and up and we wanted to take a look at one of the up and coming actress in Hollywood and the leading lady of the awaited series His Dark Materials.

Where It All Began For Dafne Keen; Logan

Dafne Keen with the director and the cast of Logan

By now everyone’s probably seen the amazing video of her first-time screen testing with Hugh Jackman for the final Wolverine movie. She was hired there to play the role of Laura and the amazing scene in the film where she talks, well, scream at Logan for the first time and asks him to take her to the Canadian border. The whole audition tape was awesome, and she was hired to play the role which turned her into a superstar.

In the first scene of Logan, we see a beaten and broken Wolverine, and for the first time, we see age catching up with the man and his healing ability slowly fading away and also the Adamantium making his indestructible, slowly killing her. Then we meet the nurse from Mexico for the first time. She asks Logan’s help, but he’s already got way too many things to deal with then take care of the runaway Mexicans. The lady offers him a lot of money, enough for 'Logan' to buy the boat and take Charles away from land.

Watch: The Logan audition tape of Dafne Keen for the movie

This is when we first meet Laura, a shy but unsocial girl who doesn’t know the world she is brought into. Later on, when the nurse is killed, and mercenaries arrive to take Laura away, she shows her power and Charles tells her 'Laura' is his child. We find out through video clips the people in the Mexico hospital used Logan’s DNA to create the girl, which is why she is biologically the daughter of Logan.

For almost the entirety of the movie, Laura doesn’t speak a single word, and still, her performance is mind-blowing. Without saying a single word, her appearance in the film is of great importance, and she is the one thing which keeps Logan going when the great Wolverine is just lost after the loss of 'Charles'. The daughter of Wolverine is the reason the movie works in the way it does and especially the performance by the actress which most producers and directors took notice of.

Watch: The trailer for Logan, the final movie of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Logan was the sending off movie for Hugh Jackman as the iconic Wolverine, because the actor hung up the claws after the final appearance in the film. But Logan was also important because it was the welcoming party for the new Hollywood sensation. An actress who made such a huge impact, everyone in the audience couldn’t help but take notice of the greatness and the future potential on-screen.

Her Hiring To Play Lyra Belacqua In ‘His Dark Materials’

Lyra Belacqua

Though the actress was gone from the movie and TV scene for almost two years, the announcement was made she was hired to play the role of 'Lyra Belacqua' in the highly anticipated adaptation of the Philip Pullman book series. The actress was hired to play the main character in the show and considering her acting prowess; the casting people did a good job of getting the 14-year-old and also surrounding her with a great voice and physical cast members.

Lyra is supposed to be sporting dirty blonde hair and blue eyes which does not fit the actress, but the trailer shows why she was the right choice for the character. The character is inadvertently stuck in the middle of a cosmic war between 'Lord Asriel' and 'The Authority.'

Dafne Keen
Dafne Keen was hired to play Lyra Belacqua in the upcoming His Dark Materials.

Lyra is also an orphan who sees her friends slowly missing from the area and in her quest to find her friends; she comes across other kidnappings and secrets hidden in her world.

Ever since the trailer for the series arrived, it feels like there was no one better to play the role of Lyra. Dafne Keen sure did find herself a great franchise which, if successful will take her out of her teenage and even sharpen her acting skills which will only help her moving forward in her acting career.

Watch: The trailer for His Dark Materials first season

Will Keen’s daughter Dafne Keen will definitely be a superstar in the coming days, and the Logan was just the beginning, and her hiring in the highly anticipated show which is scheduled for a 3 November 2019 release shows there is more to come from the talented actress.

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