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'Look Mom I Can Fly' - Grab All The Details Of Travis Scott's Documentary On Netflix!

Published Sun Sep 08 2019 By Travis
'Look Mom I Can Fly' - Grab All The Details Of Travis Scott's Documentary On Netflix!

Travis Scott is one of those artists who always felt like he is holding something back, every album we bought; there was always this feeling of something is missing from the final product. For example, 2015s 'Rodeo', one of the best albums we heard in the year, and every time we listened to it, there was this feeling of great but not greatness. He followed the album with an equally frustrating sophomore outing which just didn’t felt ride from start to finish.

Then finally, last year, Travis Scott released what will forever be considered one of his finest works, 'Astroworld'. The prodigy of Kanye West finally delivered on the promise of a great album with Astroworld which after a year of marinating, sounds even better than it did the first time. The layered beats, unbelievable features, the use of auto-tune, the beat changes and the free-flowing nature of the album which compels you to listen to the album from first to last to get into the grove of the story Travis is trying to tell.

Watch: The Netflix documentary on Travis Scott, Look Mom I can Fly

This was a work of art, though nothing will ever be able to compete with 'To Pimp A Butterfly', this album came mighty close. So, we were interested when Travis announced his team would be making a documentary about the creative process behind the recording of the album and the aftermath of the release. 'Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly' arrived on Netflix, and here is everything you should know about the rapper’s documentary.

What Is It About?

Travis and his family.

While making an album, a lot of thing goes into it and considering Travis learned from Kanye, someone who likes to drive to a secluded studio with his trusted producers and writers and come out of the sessions with a cohesive album. Travis almost always follows a similar path, and this documentary is about the months surrounding the making and release of Astroworld, which took the world by storm. The documentary is also about Travis’ rise to fame and his relationship with his mother, wife Kylie Jenner, and daughter Stormi Webster, directed by White Trash Tyler (now that's a name).

When Is The Release Date?

The concert footage of Travis Scott.

The documentary was shot over a period of four to five months, and it encompasses the release of Astroworld as well as the touring for the promotion of the album. The documentary also cobbles together archival footage, and interviews with Travis’ friends and families and all of it were combined together to form one cohesive movie with a release date of 28 August 2019. The 83-minute long documentary is available on Netflix, and you can stream it at your own pleasure.

What Is The Verdict For The Documentary?

Look Mom I Can Fly

It seems as though the rapper got the album right but forgot to do the same thing for the documentary with little insight and depth compared to the album it was supposed to be a companion of. It was not a look into the life of Travis, and this is the problem when the subject of a documentary is also the creator of the said film. The whole thing feels like a greatest hits album instead of hitting like Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA.’ Most people were there to see how the album was made, and also the ensuing backlash, before and after the album was released. Instead, the whole thing is a puff piece where the documentary feels like it was cobbled together by an editor after Travis and his team provided the person with some backstage concert footage and b-roll leftovers from KUWTK.

There is not a single minute in the documentary where you are getting an insight into the life of Travis and the process which went into creating one of the greatest albums of his career. The super bowl controversy was brushed over, the transgender model removed from the cover of the album wasn’t even mentioned, and the relationship between Travis and Kylie is just not there.

Look Mom I Can Fly
The whole documentary just feels like a 83 minute Instagram post, no substance and just an illusion of sharing.

Source: The Perfect Play

We love Travis Scott, but this was just a way to make money off of footage which was unusable and not Netflix is paying the artist for footage most people can find on YouTube. The people involved in making Astroworld were legendary, and we do not even get a single glance at the people behind the scene. The whole documentary is a long Instagram video with better equipment involved.

The whole thing is not a worthy watch, even if you are a Travis’ fans like we are. Just listen to the album from first to last one more time, the music carries more emotional punch than what was shown in the documentary. This documentary is not something we would recommend, but if you want to enjoy a no investment fun concert footage then enter at your own risk.