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Who is Lzzy Hale's Partner? Learn About Her Relationship Status Too

Published Tue Nov 16 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Lzzy Hale's Partner? Learn About Her Relationship Status Too

Is Lzzy Hale Single or Taken in 2021? Know it All Here!  

Lzzy Hale is one of the few badass women who have been rocking the world of heavy music for decades now. The singer, musician, and songwriter is best known as Halestorm's lead vocalist and rhythmic guitarist. Hale co-founded the rock band with her brother Arejay Hale in 1997.   

Elizabeth Mae "Lzzy" Hale was born on October 10, 1983, in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. Hale's road to fame started almost immediately after the inception of Halestorm. Her imposing popularity was also reckoned with several guest appearances alongside Eric Church, Shinedown, Machine Gun Kelly, The Hu, and many more. In 2014, Hale came out as bisexual. 

Inside Lzzy Hale's Love Life!  

Lzzy sure likes writing love songs; her band's Love Bites (So Do I) endowed the band a Grammy, and Halestorm's song Uncomfortable was nominated for a Grammy. But for long, fans remained curious of Hale's sexuality, who remained eluded of romantic headlines. In an interview, the singer revealed that she doesn't like fans obsessing over her sexual orientation.   

Lzzy Hale is the lead singer of rock band Halestorm.

 Hale came out as bisexual in 2014. 
Photo Source: Wfav951

The Halestorm's lead singer finally unveiled the truth in October 2014 and declared herself bisexual via Twitter. Hale, however, refused to give in more stories to the media. In 2015, a Halestorm band member Josh Smith revealed that Hale was dating Joe Hottinger, another Halestorm's band member.   

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Things are working out well for Hale and Hottinger, as the rock couple is still in a very loving and public relationship. Earlier this year, Hale initiated a #askLzzyanything session on Twitter; where a fan confessed to the singer about being gay and adoring her; to which Hale replied, "You are living your truth, and that's all that matters. I'm a bi gal in an 18-year relationship with a man."    

 Lzzy has been in a relationship with a fellow bandmate for over 18 years. 
Source: AXS TV

Once in a while, the singer gives her fans a glimpse of her longstanding relationship with her beau. On Valentines' day, the Halestorm frontwoman posted a snap of her date with Hottinger. "This is how we do V-Day. A night early cuz we got a shit ton to do tomorrow," Hale wrote.  

Get to Know Lzzy's Boyfriend, Joe Hottinger!   

Despite being in the same rock band, Hottinger is nowhere close to his girlfriend, neither fame-wise nor fandom-wise. Joe was born on February 22, 1982. He joined Halestorm in 2003 and filled the positions for lead guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals. The band consists of three more members, including its co-founders Hale and her brother Arejay Hale, and Josh Smith.    

Joe Hottinger joined Halestorm in 2003.

Lzzy penned a sweet message for Hottinger on Instagram. Photo Source:  Blabber Mouth

Hottinger has remained consistent with his performance with the band throughout the years. Halestorm is well reputed for its non-stop touring; in fact, the band performs 250 shows annually. The 39 years old guitarist has over 55.9k followers on his Instagram, and he has kept the space as both a professional and personal place.   

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Hottinger's tributes for his girlfriend are recurring on his Instagram, and so is Hale's genuine love for him. Hale recently penned a sweet message for Joe. "On this day, 18 years ago. I kissed you. I opened a door that changed my life forever. I found a light, a partner in crime, a love," wrote the Halestorm's lead singer.  

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