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Matt Bevin's Daughter Brittiney Bevin - Learn Everything About Her!

Published Sun Nov 10 2019 By Travis
Matt Bevin's Daughter Brittiney Bevin - Learn Everything About Her!

Matt Bevin is the current Governor of the state of Kentucky, and he is only the third Republican to take the Governor’s office in Kentucky since the end of the Second World War. The Conservative Republican rode the outsider horse, and after unsuccessfully mounting a Senatorial race against Mitch McConnell, Matt took the Governor’s office in 2015.

In his attempt to become Governor, Matt went up against Jack Conway, who was linked with President Obama (extremely unpopular in Kentucky). Matt won and took office from two terms, Governor Steve Beshear. After four years in office, the Governor was ousted by Steve Beshear’s son Andy Beshear.

The Bevin family without the eldest child Brittany.
The Bevin family without the eldest child Brittiney.

Source: WKYT

The Republican soon to be former Governor is also a devoted family man who refused to move into the Governor’s mansion after his election so his children need not adjust to a new surrounding and school. Matt got married in 1996 to his wife Glenna Bevin, and they are parents to their ten kids, five are their biological kids, four are adopted, and their adult daughter died in 2003.

Who is Matt Bevin’s Daughter Brittiney Bevin

Matt Bevin’s Daughter Brittany Bevin

In 1996 Matt Bevin met his future wife Glenna Bevin, the two got married in the same year, and after the marriage, Matt became the step-father of his wife’s first child Brittiney Bevin. Glenna was in an abusive marriage when her first child was born on 19 October 1985.

Brittiney was 11 years old when her mother remarried to the politician, and after the wedding, she took the last name of her step-father Matt. She was the eldest of his children, and according to her obituary, the little girl presented a bubbly personality.

After the death of their daughter, Glenna spoke about her religious beliefs and her compassion for other people. Matt also spoke about how she was a normal teenager who thought about her appearance, nail polish, and boys, later on in her life, but she always loved god and was a devout follower of the Christian religion.

What Happened to Brittiney Bevin? Where is Her Final Resting Place?

Brittany Bevin's Final Resting Place

Brittiney Bevin was only 17 when she died in an accident near her home. Brittiney was back from a mission in Romania on 22 September 2003 when she got into an accident in Lexington Road, and she died even before the emergency services arrived on the scene.

The death of their eldest daughter was heartbreaking for the Bevin’s, who said they would never be able to get over the loss. They also thanked the people from the church who came to the site of the accident and prayed for the soul of Brittiney.

The final resting place of Brittany Bevin after her death in a car crash.
The final resting place of Brittiney Bevin after her death in a car crash.

Source: Twitter

After the incident and the autopsy result, the doctor told the Bevin’s their daughter died instantly on the scene, and Glenna found solace in the fact her daughter reached heaven in the blink of an eye.

Brittiney was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and even three years after the death of Brittiney, her mother Glenna was not able to find physical peace but her spirit was at peace with the incident.

The Bevin Family with all nine kids.
Matt and Glenna Bevin adopted four kids after the death of their first child.

Source: Berea Online

The Bevin’s are currently getting ready to move out of the Governor’s mansion and move back to their home in Louisville. The only regret for the Bevin’s would be Brittiney was not able to see most of her siblings grow up and go to school.

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