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Who is Matthew Raney's Wife? Is He Married?

Published Mon Mar 23 2020 By Eric
Who is Matthew Raney's Wife? Is He Married?

Know who Matthew Raney's spouse is. Also, learn about his day-to-day activities.

Matthew Raney, who is well known as Matt Raney, is one of the sons of the great expedition guide who made his appearance in several motion pictures, Marty Raney. Matthew, in his family, got three siblings were Miles Raney is his brother, Misty Raney and Melanee Raney are his sisters. 

They are all children of the Marty who moved into the logging camps of Southeast Alaska back in 1974. Marty married his wife, Mollee Roestel, and the pair began to live their life in Alaska. Further, the couple also went too trekking to the full length of the dangerous Chilkoot Pass when Matt and all of his siblings were under the age of 10.

Like his father, Matthew is living his life in Alaska, where we can see him supporting his father's business and making his presence in the popular Discovery Channel reality show Homestead Rescue. Except for the show, he also has a lovely family like Marty of his own, we mean Matt is a married man, and besides, he is also a father of his cute young son.

Matthew Raney is a Married Man

As we stated earlier, Matthew Raney, like his father, has his own lovely family. He is married to the gorgeous lady, Katie. Yeah, fellas, Matt is a happily married man. Though the reality star is open about his professional life and shares most of his information with the world through the reality TV series Homestead Rescue, he kinda keeps quiet when it comes to his personal life.

Matthew with his lovely wife, Katie and cute son.

The reality star, Matthew, is a married man who took marital vows with his gorgeous wife, Katie.
Photo Source: Matt Ramey's Instagram (@matt.raney)

As a result, there are no further details about his lovely wife, Katie, except for her name. However, we can see the pair enjoying their time together on the Instagram posts of Matt Raney.

Teaching an Old Tractor New Tricks: Homestead Rescue.

Though there is no news on any media related to when they took the marital vows and how their love story began in the first place, right now, the love birds are settled in Alaska. They seem a perfect couple together and living a happy life with their new family member.

The Homestead Star Matt with His Wife Has a Child

The Homestead star, Matthew Raney, in his family, also has a young child. The duo of Matt and Katie together gave birth to a cute son whose details are still behind the curtain. We think by now, you guys already know how much Raney love to keep his personal life far from the media. 

But Matt does share photos of his young child on social media where we can feel his affection towards his wife and young son and know how much he loves to spend his time with them.

Matt Raney shares a cute son with his wife.

Matthew is secretive about his personal life.
Photo Source: Matt Ramey's Instagram (@matt.raney)

Matt is pretty good at keeping his personal information with himself because of which the world still doesn't know most about his love life and young son. However, we will provide you with more updates on this topic whenever anything comes into the media. 

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