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Meet Amalia Williamson: Actress Extraordinaire Making Waves in Entertainment

Published Wed Jan 31 2024 By Oliver
Meet Amalia Williamson: Actress Extraordinaire Making Waves in Entertainment

Amalia Williamson is a Canadian actress, writer, and director known for her work in various film and television productions. Some of her famous works include "Northern Rescue" (2019), "Level 16" (2018), and "The Kid Detective" (2020). 

Amalia was born on June 2, 1999, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and started her acting career in the local theatre community. However, she received immense popularity after starring in the 2019 CBC/Netflix TV series Northern Rescue as Maddie West. Also, she is famous for her film credits including Emily in Playing Dead and Rita in Level 16.

Relationship Status Of Amalia Williamson

The beautiful actress is no longer single. She's happily in love with her boyfriend, Brendan Leipsic, a 26-year-old Canadian ice hockey player. In 2020, during the Winnipeg lockdown, Williamson shared via video chat that she was spending quality time with Brendan at his home amid the pandemic. 

Amalia Williamson and Brendan Leipsic. are in the picture
Amalia Williamson and Brendan Leipsic.
Image Source: Russian Machine Never Breaks

Although she didn't specify when they started dating, it appears they've recently begun their relationship. They often do Flip-Flop TikTok challenges together. Besides her love life, Amalia enjoys watching Benedict Cumberbatch. She's a fan of Rihanna and Justin Bieber's music and likes to create paintings, drawings, and sketches in her free time.

Movies and TV Shows

Amalia Williamson is known for her work in movies, like, "Northern Rescue" (2019), "Level 16" (2018), and "The Kid Detective" (2020).

She has also appeared in TV shows, "Letterkenny" (2016–2023), "Children Ruin Everything" (2022), "Sullivan's Crossing" (2023), "A Christmas Letter" (2021), "Bria Mack Gets A Life" (2023).

How Rich Is Amalia Williamson? All About Her Net Worth and Earnings

Amalia Williamson has earned a significant amount of money during her professional journey. Her estimated net worth is estimated to be $2 million according to Popularnetworth. She accumulated this wealth through her work in directing, screenwriting, and acting in films. 

Amalia Williamson is inside a car
Amalia Williamson is a rich and beautiful actress.
Image Source: Instagram

In the United States, short and documentary film directors typically earn around $3,418 per day, while screenwriters make about $60,000 per day. Consequently, her salary is estimated to be around the same range. 

Additionally, as a film actor, she earns an annual income of $69,000. Furthermore, Williamson also earns a decent income through endorsements and advertising deals.

Amalia Williamson In The Movie "Level 16"

In the movie "Level 16" from 2018, Williamson played the character Rita. In the story, Rita has a sad ending when she's shown getting killed. The actors Peter Outerbridge and Sara Canning play characters who do this. 

This part of the movie is really important because it adds suspense to the story. Amalia did a great job acting as Rita, showing her feelings and struggles well. Even though the scene is intense, her acting makes it feel real and believable. This shows how good she is at playing difficult roles and making them memorable for the audience.

Who Are Williamson's Parents and Siblings?

Amalia Williamson is the oldest of four siblings. She has two sisters named Holly, Sam, and a brother named Ricky. They grew up in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, in a Christian family with parents Stew and Diane Williamson

Amalia had a close bond with her family and learned important values from her parents while growing up. Living in Oakville exposed her to a mix of suburban life and diverse culture, which shaped her outlook on life and influenced her career in acting and entertainment.

What Does She Do For a Living?

Amalia is a Canadian actress who has gained recognition for her work in the entertainment industry. She began her career in local theater communities and has since been involved in various film and television productions. 

Her professional life primarily revolves around her work as an actress and performer, with notable contributions to projects such as "Northern Rescue," "Level 16," and "The Kid Detective". While there are mentions of her involvement in producing, the primary focus of her professional life is her career as an actress.

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Social Media Presence

Amalia Williamson is becoming more popular on social media, especially on Instagram, where her posts are getting a lot of attention from fans. She has gained more than 24.1k followers. Her active presence on Instagram shows that she's gaining more followers. 

Amalia Williamson is in the frame
Amalia Williamson has a great social media presence.
Image Source: Instagram

You can also find her on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. These platforms are likely ways for her to stay connected with her fans and share updates about her life and work.

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