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Meet Coco Fausone, The Love Of The Actor Reno Wilson

Published Mon Dec 18 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Coco Fausone, The Love Of The Actor Reno Wilson

Coco Fausone, renowned as the wife of actor Reno Wilson, has sustained a 20-year strong marriage with two children. Despite Wilson's fame from roles in "The Cosby Show" and "Mike & Molly," the couple prioritizes a stable relationship. 

Fausone's perpetually youthful appearance raises curiosity, yet details on her early life, career, and personal affairs remain undisclosed. Their enduring bond suggests a commitment to love and family, contributing to their lasting union. The secret to Fausone's ageless image and her background remain private, leaving fans intrigued about the yoga instructor's life beyond the spotlight.

Coco Fausone and Reno Wilson's Wedding Ceremony

Coco Fausone and Reno Wilson have celebrated over two decades of marital bliss since tying the knot in July 1998. Their enduring relationship blossomed in Los Angeles, where Reno embarked on his acting career. 

Coco Fausone Husband
Image: Reno Wilson with his wife, Coco Fausone at the event. Source: Amomama

Having weathered the challenges of Hollywood, the couple has remained steadfast, with no reported ups and downs. Their enduring love story began as a friendship, evolving seamlessly into a deep and lasting connection. 

Despite the demands of Reno's acting career, Coco and Reno continue to enjoy a harmonious and happy married life, cherishing each other's company and maintaining a strong bond.

How Many Kids Does Coco Fausone Have? 

Coco Fausone and Reno Wilson expanded their family with the arrival of a daughter, Deni Wilson, shortly after their 1998 marriage. Subsequently, they were blessed with a son, Renzo Wilson

Although the precise birth dates of the children are undisclosed due to the couple's preference for privacy, glimpses on social media suggest a concerted focus on their education. 

The family remains intentionally guarded against media intrusion, with limited details about their personal life available to the public. Coco and Reno's commitment to shielding their children from the spotlight underscores their dedication to maintaining a private and balanced family life.

Coco Fausone Runs A Fitness Center

In 2017, Coco Fausone established The Cycling Pigeon, a spin/cycling and yoga studio located at 4505 Eagle Rock Blvd. in Los Angeles, California, originally situated in Cypress Park. 

The fitness center, featuring live stream yoga, boasts a team of instructors, including Kali, Jennifer Fuentes, Alejandra Guzman, and Armando Uribe. 

Fausone, an advocate of breath-centered beginnings, Iyengar-style asanas, and core strengthening exercises, focuses on ambient restoration for body and mind in her classes. 

Before launching The Cycling Pigeon, she already had experience teaching indoor cycling and yoga, showcasing her commitment to promoting holistic well-being through fitness and mindfulness.

She is also a Fitness Enthusiast Herself

Coco Fausone, a Los Angeles native, has immersed herself in dance and fitness since 1997. Her diverse career includes cheer choreography for Santa Barbara City College, dance instruction at Hamilton High, and yoga choreography for CBS's "Mike and Molly." 

Fausone introduced her husband, Reno Wilson, to spinning and collaborated with Warner Bros in 2011 for a yoga scene on "Mike and Molly." From 2011 to 2017, she instructed and designed sports apparel for YAS Fitness Center. 

In 2015, she launched her own home-based yoga services venture for two years. Since 2014, Fausone has served as CFO for Babe Wilson Entertainment, showcasing her multifaceted professional journey.

Coco Fausone Net Worth in 2023

Coco Fausone boasts an estimated net worth of $550,000, primarily amassed through her successful career as a Fitness Instructor and Yoga Specialist. With extensive experience and talent, she surpasses the average annual salary of $50,000 for a Yoga Instructor in the United States. 

Coco Fausone fitnes gym
Image: Celebrity Wife, Coco Fausone showing her abs. Source: The Cycling Pigeon

Fausone's journey began with Warner Bros, later joining YAS Fitness Center, and currently owning The Cycling Pigeon. An avid social media user, she shares glimpses of her yoga classes online. 

Residing in Los Angeles, the family of four, including husband Reno Wilson and their two children, enjoys a healthy and contented life, reflecting Fausone's dedication to well-being.

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Owns Multi Million Homes Alongside Husband, Reno Wilson

In September 2021, Coco Fausone and her husband Reno Wilson successfully sold their Glassell Park residence in L.A. for $1.6 million, securing a profit from their 2018 purchase at $1.3 million

The contemporary home, spanning 2,888 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, featured a sizable lot of 7,406 square feet. Located in the Glassell Park neighborhood, just north of downtown L.A.

The couple's real estate ventures also included a profitable sale in 2016 when they sold a modernized Mount Washington bungalow for $1.217 million, exceeding the $939,000 asking price by $278,000

Early Life and Qualification

Born on March 29, Coco Fausone, a Silver Lake native, spent her formative years immersed in dance and choreography. Daughter of Patsi Simon, she followed a path of teaching dance, cheer choreography, and children's movement. 

Her sister, Gamynne Guillotte, is a transient architect. Beyond a career, Fausone embraces an active lifestyle, engaging in marathons, surfing, snowboarding, and teaching swimming. Fluent in Spanish, she amplifies the spin room with energetic beats. 

A graduate in communication from Los Angeles City College, Fausone pursued Recording Engineering at UCLA Extension, having attended Alexander Hamilton High School, reflecting her diverse educational journey and passion for fitness.

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