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Meet Jenine Wardally: A Melodic Voice and the Heart of Juwan Howard's Life!

Published Wed Aug 09 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Jenine Wardally: A Melodic Voice and the Heart of Juwan Howard's Life!

Jennie Wardally is a prominent American businesswoman, philanthropist, and notable celebrity spouse, recognized for her marriage to Juwan Howard. Howard, a former NBA athlete turned basketball coach at the University of Michigan, shares a steadfast and enduring partnership with Jennie. 

Their journey began in 2002, and over the years, their connection has only deepened, cementing their status as a power couple. Jennie Wardally's impactful presence extends beyond her personal life, making her a respected figure in various spheres.

Jennie Wardally is Happily Married to Juwan Howard

Certainly, Jennie Wardally's connection with the iconic Juwan Howard has been a significant part of her life. Although the exact year of their initial meeting remains undisclosed, their paths crossed in the nineties. At that time, Juwan Howard had only spent a brief two years in the NBA, while Jenine was immersed in the creation of her debut solo album.

Jenine Wardally husband
Image: Jenine Wardally with her husband, Juwan Howard. Source: Twitter

Their fateful encounter occurred at a gathering hosted by Alonzo Harding, who shared the NBA court with Juwan. The sparks ignited, leading to the blossoming of a strong and enduring romantic bond between Juwan and Jenine. In due course, their love story expanded to include the arrival of their first son, Jeff, cementing their commitment.

Their journey reached a pivotal moment in 2002 when they exchanged vows, sealing their deep affection and dedication to each other through marriage. Their union has notably defied the often tumultuous nature of high-profile relationships, remaining shielded from scandal and contentious rumors that tend to haunt celebrity marriages.

How Many Kids Does Jenine Wardally Have? 

Jenine and her spouse, Juwan, celebrated the arrival of their first son, Jace Howard, on September 19, 2001. Interestingly, Jace's birth preceded his parents' marriage by nearly a year, adding a unique timeline to their family journey. 

Following closely, their second son, Jett Howard, joined the family fold in 2003. Both young men have unmistakably inherited their father's prowess in the realm of basketball.

Jace, now 21, has carved out his own path in the basketball world as a prominent player for the University of Michigan. This achievement fulfills a lifelong dream he nurtured since childhood. Remarkably, he is also pursuing his studies in International Business at the university, demonstrating a well-rounded approach to his future.

Meanwhile, Jett has pursued his education at the esteemed Montverde Academy in Florida. Evidently inspired by his elder brother's footsteps, he has made the decision to embark on a similar journey in Michigan basketball. 

Husband, Juwan Howard's Past Relationship and Children

Juwan Howard's family extends beyond his marriage with Jenine and their shared children. He has four other children from different relationships, each with their own unique stories and backgrounds.

Jenine Wardally kids
Image: Juwan Howard and Jenine Wardally with their sons. Source: Instagram

Juwan Jr. Howard, the son of Juwan and Martina Blyden, comes from a lineage that includes Michigan's 'Miss Basketball.' Joshua Howard, Sky Howard, and Star Howard are part of Juwan's family as well, born to him and his ex-girlfriend Kristy Wilmot.

Although these children primarily reside with their respective mothers, they have found a welcoming and supportive environment within Jenine's household. Despite their diverse backgrounds, Jenine has opened her home and heart to them, ensuring that they all experience love and care whenever they are in need. 

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Jenine Wardally is a Model and Businesswoman

Jenine Wardally is a versatile and accomplished individual, making her mark in various fields. As an author, philanthropist, fashion model, and businesswoman, she has demonstrated her dedication to making a positive impact on both the wellness of individuals and the community.

At the heart of her efforts, Jenine is the founder of The Juice Foundation, an organization committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through the consumption of natural and nutritious foods. Her advocacy extends to philanthropy, as she and her husband collaborate to contribute to humanitarian causes, including support for the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation.

Jenine's presence as a fashion model is evident through her engaging Instagram page, where she shares captivating photos showcasing trendy outfits and glimpses of her lifestyle.

In addition to her ventures, Jenine is also a skilled writer, recognized for her contributions to Fireside Company and Sons of the Dawn: A Basque Odyssey. Her diverse talents and commitment to various endeavors highlight her as a remarkable and influential figure in multiple spheres.

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Starting PHilanthropic Deeds With Husband

Following a personal experience of losing a loved one to cancer, Jenine Wardally responded with remarkable determination and compassion. She founded the Juice Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about healthy preventive measures that can mitigate the risk of cancer. 

Through the foundation, she promotes the adoption of specific regimens and routines that contribute to a wholesome lifestyle, aiming to empower individuals to take proactive steps toward their well-being.

Driven by her dedication, the Juice Foundation has achieved significant milestones, successfully raising funds and creating improved living conditions for individuals facing the challenges of cancer. Beyond her philanthropic endeavors, Jenine is also an accomplished author, having penned two impactful books. Her writing reflects her passion and commitment to making a positive impact on people's lives.

Know About Jenine Wardally Bio, Age, and Education

Jenine Wardally's origin story carries a distinctive narrative. Born on February 7, 1975, in Grenada, she was raised by her Caribbean-American parents, George Wardally and Ruby Jermin. Her father served as an airplane pilot, while her mother, an accomplished singer, was associated with the music group 'The Lollipops.' 

Jenine Wardally new look
Image: Jenine Wardally posing for the picture. Source: Instagram

Notably, Ruby Jermin's vocal talents earned her the opportunity to provide backup vocals for the renowned "Jackson Five" and embark on numerous tours across Europe during the illustrious Motown era.

Jenine, the second of four daughters, spent her formative years in Grenada until her family's relocation to Brooklyn when she was about five years old. Her upbringing was shared with her three sisters: Liesha, Shakira, and Maya Wardally. Displaying the physical traits of a light-skinned Black woman, Jenine identifies with her African American heritage.

Net Worth and Salary of Jenine Wardally in 2023

Despite establishing a respectable career path, Jenine Wardally's individual net worth pales in comparison to that of her accomplished husband. As of 2023, her estimated net worth stands at $1.5 million

While this figure may seem modest in the context of her husband's remarkable achievements, it holds substantial significance for the majority of average households.

In contrast, her husband, Juwan Howard, emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of professional basketball. A standout player of his generation, Howard graced multiple NBA teams and clinched two coveted championships. 

Notably, he secured a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the inaugural NBA player to secure a contract exceeding $100 million. Beyond his earnings as a stellar player, Howard's foray into coaching has further bolstered his financial stature. It is approximated that his net worth reaches an impressive $80 million.

Jenine Wardally Instagram and Twitter

Jenine Wardally, the esteemed wife of Juwan Howard, is an active presence on social media platforms, sharing captivating snapshots and videos that offer glimpses into her exciting escapades and cherished family moments. 

With an impressive following of over 53,000 on Instagram and more than 12.7 thousand on Twitter, Wardally's digital presence resonates with many who appreciate her authenticity and insights.

Height and Weight

Jenine Wardally boasts a height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 centimeters), complemented by an estimated weight of 123 pounds (56 kilograms).

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