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Meet Jennifer Rauchet: Pete Hegseth's Devoted Wife

Published Tue Oct 31 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Jennifer Rauchet: Pete Hegseth's Devoted Wife

Jennifer Rauchet is an American media personality and executive producer at Fox Nation, gaining prominence in 2017 due to her romantic involvement with former US veteran and TV host Pete Hegseth. At the time, Pete Hegseth was married to his second wife, Samantha Deering. Their extramarital relationship caused quite a stir in the media. 

Eventually, both Jennifer Rauchet and Pete Hegseth divorced their respective spouses and got married at a Donald Trump-owned golf club in New Jersey. As for their current relationship status, I don't have access to real-time information, and my knowledge only goes up until January 2022, so I cannot provide the latest details on whether they are still together.

How Old is Jennifer Rauchet? Know About Rauchet Age

Jennifer Rauchet was born in the United States on January 30, 1985. She is currently 38 years old, but specific information about her birthplace, parents' names, and siblings is not readily available. However, it has been reported that she was raised by a mother who worked as a homemaker and a father who was a businessman.

Pete Hegseth spouse
Image: Pete Hegseth with his wife, Jennifer Rauchet together. Source: Instagram

Jennifer Rauchet is of white ethnicity and holds American nationality. She pursued her education at Towson University in Maryland, where she studied journalism. This educational background paved the way for her to embark on a career in broadcasting that has now spanned over two decades.

Controversial Dating Life With Husband, Pete Hegseth

Jennifer Rauchet's involvement in a sexual harassment lawsuit was not the first scandal connected to her work. Initially, she worked as an executive producer at Fox, where she met Pete Hegseth, a decorated army veteran turned conservative advocate, when he joined the network in 2014. 

They developed a close friendship and eventually started dating, despite both being married at the time. Their affair became public when they welcomed a daughter, Gwen, in August 2017. This led to divorces from their respective spouses, with Hegseth's wife, Samantha, filing for divorce in September 2017. 

In response, Fox reorganized Rauchet's role in the workplace. Ratchet and Hegseth didn't shy away from their romance and moved in together with their daughter, even attending events with then-President Trump before their divorces were finalized.

Their relationship undoubtedly played a significant role in the end of Hegseth's second marriage, though it may not have been the sole cause. This scandalous affair created a public spectacle and raised questions about workplace dynamics and personal choices.

Exchanged Wedding Vows With Husband, Pete Hegseth

Jennifer Rauchet and Pete Hegseth, following the birth of their daughter and their divorces from their previous spouses, publicly announced their engagement on Instagram. They expressed their love and gratitude towards each other.

On August 16, 2019, exactly when their daughter turned two, the couple tied the knot in a simple outdoor ceremony at the Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck in New Jersey. The wedding was attended by their children from previous marriages, close friends, and family.

Jennifer Rauchet kids
Image: Jennifer Hegseth with her husband and kids. Source: Instagram

In the run-up to their big day, the couple, known for their strong support of Donald Trump, shared a photo wearing "Make Weddings Great Again" caps during their rehearsal.

Six years after they began dating and four years after getting married, Jennifer and Pete continue to maintain a strong and harmonious relationship, with no rumors of strife or separation. Their enduring love story defies their previous experiences with divorce and appears to be going strong.

Blessed With Four Children

Jennifer Hegseth, previously Jennifer Rauchet, is the mother of four children. From her first marriage, she has three kids: Jackson Hunt (12 years old, born March 23, 2011), Kenzie Hunt (10 years old, born October 22, 2013), and Luke Hunt (8 years old, born March 24, 2015). Her fourth child, Gwen Hegseth, was born in 2017 from her marriage to Pete Hegseth.

Jennifer is also the stepmother to Pete's children from his previous marriage to Samantha: Gunner Hegseth (born in 2010), Boone (born in 2012), and Rex Brian Hegseth (born in September 2015). Pete had no children from his first marriage to Meredith.

Jennifer Rauchet in Fox News

Jennifer Rauchet has held a prominent position at Fox since 2006, serving as an executive producer, responsible for orchestrating the various elements of news shows to create the polished product viewers see on TV. Her role includes handling unexpected situations. Notably, she has overseen multiple Fox shows, including the daily news and chat program "Fox & Friends."

Additionally, Rauchet is the executive producer of "Watters World," a weekly show that humorously explores American politics and pop culture. She also plays a key role at Fox Nation, a streaming service offering informative and entertaining content. Here, she is involved in the production of various shows and documentaries, such as "Un-PC," which delves into controversial topics across news, politics, sports, and more.

Husband, Pete Hegseth Life

Pete Hegseth is an American television personality and military veteran known for his prominent role in conservative media. Born on June 6, 1980, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hegseth served in the U.S. 

Army and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. His military service has been a defining aspect of his career. Hegseth gained recognition as a television commentator, joining Fox News as a contributor in 2014. He has made regular appearances on Fox News programs and hosted "Fox & Friends Weekend." 

How Rich is Jennifer Rauchet Now? Know About Rauchet's Net Worth in 2023

In 2023, Jennifer Rauchet, the Fox News executive producer, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1 million, with an annual salary of around $110,000

Jennifer Rauchet enjoying vacation with husband
Image: Pete Hegseth enjoying drinks with his wife, Jennifer. Source: Twitter

Her husband, Pete Hegseth, a Fox News contributor, is estimated to have a net worth of about $4 million, and he earns an annual income of roughly $250,000 from his contributions to the network. 

The couple is enjoying a comfortable and lavish lifestyle based on their combined income and assets.

Involved In Sexual Harassment Case

Jennifer Rauchet, a prominent figure at Fox News, faced legal issues in 2019 when she was sued for allegedly aiding and abetting sexual harassment. 

The lawsuit was filed by former "Un-PC" host Britt McHenry, who claimed that her co-host, Tyrus, had sent her inappropriate texts and created a hostile work environment after she rejected his advances. McHenry reported the issue to Rauchet, but instead of addressing it, Rauchet allegedly stopped speaking to her and booking her on other shows. 

McHenry filed a lawsuit against Fox News, Fox Corporation, Tyrus, and Rauchet, primarily accusing Rauchet of retaliation and aiding and abetting sexual harassment. The matter was eventually settled out of court in July 2021.

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