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Meet LisaRaye McCoy's Daughter, Kai Morae!

Published Wed Nov 29 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet LisaRaye McCoy's Daughter, Kai Morae!

Kai Morae, a prominent plus-size model with nearly 200k Instagram followers, gained fame through "The Real McCoy" series. Daughter of actress LisaRaye McCoy, she was inspired by her mother to pursue a career in fashion. 

Kai, a mother to a baby girl, keeps details about the father private. While known for ad photoshoots, her dating life in 2023 remains undisclosed. Morae continues to make waves in the fashion and glam industry, balancing her roles as a model and a mother.

Shares One Child With Boyfriend, Joe

Kai Morae is currently in a long-term relationship with Joe, although they haven't married. The couple welcomed their child, Bella Rae, in 2016. 

Kai Morae daughter
Image: LisaRaye McCoy with her granddaughter. Source: Bck Online

Kai's pregnancy was announced on social media, and her mother hosted a baby shower to celebrate her impending arrival. While they haven't exchanged vows, the couple is committed to their relationship and parenthood. 

The family celebrated the joyous occasion in 2016, marking the beginning of Kai and Joe's journey into parenthood with the arrival of their daughter, Bella Rae.

Why did Kai Morae's Parents Get Divorced? 

Kai Morae's parents, Lisa Raye McCoy and Kenji Pace separated in 1990, two years after their daughter's birth, having never been married but in a live-in relationship. The reason for their split remains undisclosed. 

Lisa Raye later married Tony Derrick Martin in 1992, ending in divorce after two years. Her third marriage was to politician Michael Eugene Misick. Meanwhile, Kenji Pace has maintained a low profile post-separation and appears single in 2023, focusing on his career. 

Lisa Raye took care of their daughter, Kai, after the separation, navigating through multiple marriages while Kenji kept his personal life private.

Mother, LisaRaye McCoy is an Actress 

LisaRaye McCoy, born on September 23, 1967, is a multifaceted American personality known for her roles as Diana "Diamond" Armstrong in "The Players Club" (1998) and Neesee James in "All of Us" (2003–2007). 

She also starred as Keisha Greene in VH1's "Single Ladies" (2011–2015). Notably, she was the First Lady of the Turks and Caicos Islands during her marriage to Michael Misick (2006–2010). LisaRaye is an actress, fashion designer, model, and businesswoman. 

Her father, Kenji Pace, a Japanese entrepreneur and co-founder of Worldwide Harley Boyz, currently heads Get Busy Crew. Both parents have played diverse roles in the entertainment and business realms.

Modeling Career

Kai Morae, renowned as the daughter of actress Lisa Raye, gained fame not just as a star kid but for her own accomplishments. Initially recognized for her mother's iconic role in "The Real McCoy," 

Kai Morae model
Image: Kai Morae posing for the picture. Source; Twitter

Kai, now 33, has carved her path as a successful plus-size model. With a substantial social media following, she collaborates with brands like Apple Bottoms and Macy’s. 

Beyond modeling, Kai serves as a motivational speaker for "Girlfriends for Teens of Color Magazine." Demonstrating independence and talent, she has made a mark in the fashion industry and as an inspiring voice for teens of color.

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Kai Morae's Net Worth Revealed

Kai Morae, thriving as a plus-size model, boasts an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, primarily sourced from her modeling endeavors and promotional posts. 

In contrast, her mother, the accomplished actress Lisa Raye, commands a substantial net worth of approximately $4 million

As Lisa's sole heir, Kai is set to inherit her mother's wealth as per Lisa's will. The duo's financial standing reflects their success in the entertainment and modeling industries, affirming their prominence and financial stability.

How Old is Kai Morae Today? 

Kaienja Morae Pace, born on December 5, 1989, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, is the daughter of LisaRaye McCoy and Kenji Pace, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. With an All-American ancestry, details about her academic background remain private.

LisaRaye McCoy
Image: Kai Morae's mother, LisaRaye McCoy in the frame. Source: Hello Beautiful

Recognized for her work as a plus-size model, Kai has gained prominence independently of her famous parents, establishing herself as a notable figure in the fashion industry. 

Her birthplace, family connections, and career achievements contribute to her public identity, while her academic journey remains undisclosed.

Does Kai Morae Have Instagram and Facebook? 

Kai Morae is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With a substantial following, her Instagram account boasts over 177k followers, while her Twitter presence is marked by 24k followers. 

On Facebook, Kai is followed by more than 104k people. These social media metrics highlight her significant presence and engagement across platforms, showcasing her influence and popularity in the digital realm.

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