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Ellana Bryan - Some Interesting Facts About the Plus Size Model

Published Sun Mar 22 2020 By Eric
Ellana Bryan - Some Interesting Facts About the Plus Size Model

When one's opinion about themselves are uplifted, they will gain more inner stability and confidence plus reduce self-sabotage. If you don't believe us, then you might when we will share some details about Ellana Bryan.

The Cleveland born beauty Ellana is a plus-size model and advocate who is all about self-love and body positive. On this page, we will provide you exciting facts related to Bryan. So, hang on tight with us until the end of the article.

Ellana Bryan Wiki /Bio


Ellana Bryan is the plus-sized model.

The plus-sized model is also a social media influencer.
Photo Source: Twitter

Ellana Bryan hail from Ohio, Cleveland, USA, and every year, the social media influencer celebrates her birthday on November 22. The 30-years-old Bryan, in her life, has achieved tons of achievement through her hard work. The curvy figure model Ellana weighs 95 kg and has a decent height of 5 feet 10 inches.

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Though the Instagram star, Bryan, is open about her professional, she is quite secretive about her personal life because of which there isn't much information on her family and academic background. However, she moved with her parents to Los Angeles, California, from her born town. 

Bryan Became Speaker for Ohio Fashion Week in 2017 and 2018

Ellana Bryan is the plus-sized model became speaker for Ohio fashion week in 2017 and 2018.

Ellana is pretty successful from her modeling career.
Photo Source: Instagram of Ellana Bryan

As we mentioned earlier, the plus-size model, Ellana Bryan, in her young days moved to Los Angeles, where she desired to work in the fashion and entertainment industries. 

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Ellana, with her persistence and skills, acquired great success in the modeling field. Subsequently, she even became the keynote speaker for Ohio Fashion Week, not once but twice in 2017 and 2018, which gave her honor to inspire and connect with her hometown.

The Model Ellana Bryan Worked With Many Beauty and Fashion Brands

Ellana Bryan in her career until today worked with several fashion and beauty brands including The Ouai, Ipsy, Skinny Tan, Swimsuits for All, Fashion Nova, Missguided, and MeUndies as a model and business partner.

Ellana Bryan - Park Fashion Nova Curve Outtakes

Further, the visionary personality, Ellana, always wanted to uplift young and creative women to help them achieve their dreams. As a result, she cooperates with startup beauty and fashion companies where she supports their work by giving them a platform to share their stories to achieve their goals in changing the world comes naturally.

The Plus-Sized Beauty Ellana is Still Single

There is no question on how gorgeous the Cleveland beauty, Ellana Bryan, is? If you guys follow her in social media, then you might know what we are trying to say? But focusing on Ellana's relationship status, she is currently single. She has huge dreams to achieve, which might be a reason, as her Instagram and Twitter account is full of her daily professional life updates.

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Like we stated above, she loves to keep her personal life private, which might be another cause that no media have any information on her boyfriend. Whatever the case is, Bryan will share the news sooner or later with her fans, and whenever it hit in the mass, we promise to update you fellas with the details. 

How Does Bryan Spend Her Free Time?

Ellana Bryan loves to paint in her free time.

The successful model, Bryan keeps her accumulate with her hobbies in her free time.
Photo Source: Instagram account of Ellana Bryan.

Want to know how the hardworking model Ellana Bryan uses her spare time, then let us break it down to our readers. While Bryan is free, her schedule is filled with different productive activities like painting, trying new foods, singing, exploring various creative outlets, and reading. 

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