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Meet Mina Bonino, Real Madrid Star, Federico Valverde Girlfriend!

Published Sun Nov 26 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Mina Bonino, Real Madrid Star, Federico Valverde Girlfriend!

Real Madrid player Fede Valverde's relationship with Mina Bonino blossomed through social media. Despite Mina's recent social media attention stemming from controversy with Villarreal player Alex Baena, she initially gained fame as a charismatic journalist in her native Argentina. 

The couple's love story mirrors the modern trend of relationships sparked on social platforms. Valverde's partner, known for her media presence, particularly in Argentina, has become a notable figure beyond their personal connection.

How Mina Bonino and Fede Valverde Meet? 

Real Madrid's Fede Valverde and his partner Mina Bonino initially connected online, meeting on Instagram before publicly confirming their relationship in March 2019. Despite the distance, with Valverde in Madrid, Bonino flew to Spain after engaging in conversations. 

Mina Bonino kids
Image: Mina Bonino with her husband, Federico Valverde, and their son. Source: Instagram

Their first meeting exceeded expectations, prompting Bonino to relocate to Madrid just two months later. Since then, the Argentinian journalist and the Uruguayan midfielder have lived together and remained inseparable, marking a swift and enduring development in their relationship.

They Married in a Secret Wedding

Mina Bonino and her partner, Real Madrid's Federico Valverde, have been together for nearly five years, recently tying the knot in a secret ceremony in 2022. Their relationship evolved from a committed partnership, culminating in marriage as the next natural step. 

The Argentine journalist and the soccer star initially connected through social media, echoing contemporary love stories. The couple, now married, continues to strengthen their bond and has two children as of 2023. 

The parallel is drawn with Georgina Rodriguez, sister of Ivana Rodriguez, known for her enduring relationship with a soccer star.

Mother Of Two children

Mina Bonino and her husband, Federico Valverde, have two children together. Their firstborn, Benicio Valverde, a son, was born on February 20, 2020. 

The couple expanded their family in 2023 with the arrival of their second child, Bautista Valverde, born on June 25, 2023. Living in the spotlight, Mina and Federico share their parental journey with their kids, maintaining a public presence while embracing family life.

Husband, Federico Valverde is Real Madrid Star

Federico Valverde, born on July 22, 1998, is a Uruguayan professional footballer renowned for his prowess as a midfielder. Beginning his career with PeƱarol in Uruguay, Valverde's exceptional talent caught the eye of European giants Real Madrid, where he made a significant impact since joining in 2016. 

Known for his versatility, Valverde combines technical skill with physical prowess, earning accolades for his strategic playmaking and defensive capabilities. 

With numerous achievements, including La Liga and UEFA Champions League titles with Real Madrid, Valverde has become a key figure in both his national team and one of the world's most illustrious football clubs.

What Happened Between Mina Bonino and Casemiro? 

Federico Valverde's partner garnered national attention when a leaked screenshot revealed her impassioned plea to Carlos Henrique Casimiro (Casemiro) not to leave Real Madrid for Manchester United. 

The controversy arose due to the use of expletives in her message, urging Casemiro not to depart. The WhatsApp text, translating to "don't leave, you st ba*td," made headlines. 

Despite the comment being in jest, it expressed shared frustration within the Real Madrid community, including players, management, and fans, as Casemiro was highly regarded. Ultimately, Casemiro proceeded with his move to the Premier League, leaving a notable impact on the team.

Mina Bonino's Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, Mina Bonino, the wife of Federico Valverde, boasts an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Originally a journalist in Argentina, Mina earned around $80,000 annually, supplementing her income through modeling. Federico Valverde, the Uruguayan footballer, commands a substantial fortune with an estimated net worth of $22 million

Federico Valverde wife
Image: Mina Bonino with her partner, Federico Valverde at the party. Source: All Football

Mina transitioned into the life of an influencer, capitalizing on promotional posts on Instagram, earning between $1,000 to $10,000 per post. Despite not being among the world's wealthiest, the couple enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, marked by Mina's diverse income streams and Valverde's successful football career.

Has Huge Instagram Followers

Mina Bonino, leveraging her status as an influencer, garners income through paid promotions, predominantly on Instagram, where she boasts an impressive follower count of over 970k. Her TikTok account follows closely with 390.3k followers, while her Twitter (now X) commands a substantial 250k followers. 

Mina's presence extends to Facebook, where she maintains a follower count of 90k. Across these platforms, she shares glimpses of her life, showcasing her figure and experiences as a mother. While Instagram stands as her primary platform, Mina maintains a diverse online presence, engaging with her audience across multiple social media channels.

Early Life

Mina Bonino, an Argentine journalist, born on October 13, 1993, turned 30 in 2023. Despite her success, she remains private about her personal life, keeping details about her childhood, parents, and family undisclosed. 

Allegedly having a sister named Sabry Bonino, little is known about her sibling who avoids public attention. While Mina's journalistic accomplishments suggest a likely bachelor's degree, she hasn't revealed her educational background. 

Bonino's discretion extends to her bio, creating a certain mystique around her life beyond the professional realm, leaving much of her personal history hidden from the public eye.

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