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Did Melinda Gates Undergo Plastic Surgery? Find All the Details Here

Published Sat May 29 2021 By Heisenberg
Did Melinda Gates Undergo Plastic Surgery? Find All the Details Here

Has Melinda Gates Gone Under the Knife? The Complete Facts Here! 

"Melinda Gates was aware Bill Gates had some issues and knew of his questionable conduct in the work-related setting," read a recent headline as the former duo continue to attract controversial allegations ever since they announced their divorce in early May. Soon to be ex-wife to the world's fourth-richest man, Melinda Gates has been under the media's constant scrutiny. 

She will probably be under tabs for a while as intriguing revelations on the Gates are found on a daily basis now. Melinda French Gates, a businesswoman, and philanthropist was born on August 15, 1964, in Dallas, Texas. One of the most notable women in the world, her prominence remains the same with or without Bill's surname. Following are the complete truth on Gates's plastic surgery speculations.   

Has Melinda Gates Gone Under the Knife?

The kind of gigantic fortune that the Gates family possesses, it wouldn't be a surprise even if their young kids decide to get plastic surgery. Although plastic surgery has become a very common thing amongst celebrities, people are saying it would be a shame if a good samaritan like her has walked down that path too.   

Melinda Gates pictured at UN conference.

 Experts believe Melinda Gates might have done a chin, cheek implant, and botox.
Photo Source: Women Of Silicon Valley

Gates has never admitted to getting any work done openly, but since the speculations have surfaced already. One plastic surgeon noted, she may have had botox and cheek and chin implants. But a survey to reveal the truth found that 80% of experts believe she is natural. One expert writes: "If Gates has indeed had some work done like few agrees on, then her plastic surgeons have done a splendid job.  

Into Melinda Gates's Colossal Net Worth! 

The world has remained well aware of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates's net worth up until now, but as, now the former couple preps to become a separate entity, the whole focus has suddenly shifted to Melinda. Bill Gates's estimated Net Worth in 2021 is $124 billion, with the larger portion of it, funneled to the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation.   

Melinda Gates with her ex-husband Bill Gates on stage.

 Melinda Gates might be getting $65 billion in alimony, opined experts.
Photo Source: Nz Herald.

Needless to say, the numbers will see great shifts following their divorce. On May 3, Bill's cascade investment reportedly transferred $2.4 billion to Melinda, more transactions that followed from Bill to Melinda were 2.9 million shares of Auto nation, 14.1 million of Canadian National Railway Co, 25.8 million shares of Mexico-based Coca-cola, and a few more which total sums to $1.5 billion.

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As Bill keeps witnessing a steep dent in his net worth, his ex-wife on the other hand has become a multi-billionaire. Experts believe the numbers will take more turns and if the former couple split their fortune equally, Melinda's Net worth will shoot to $65 billion.   

More Allegations On the Gates!  

Severe allegations continue to surface against the now-estranged Gates couple. The duo had initially mentioned an amicable divorce but turned out not. It was found that Bill had continued to keep ties with his ex Ann Winblad even after marrying Melinda, and a source recently claimed that Bill had a reputation for pursuing women in his office.   

Melinda Gates and Bill Gates with their children.

Melinda Gates might be looking to rearrange the previous agreements to leave more for her children, said a source.
Photo Source: LCARS

More revelation that followed was Gates's ties with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, with the most recent being Melinda using the divorce as an excuse to leave more inheritance for her children Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe.   

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Her rep said: "Now that she has control, she might be looking to modify previous agreements of how much funding they wanted to leave their three children". Bill had proudly announced leaving only $10 million to each of his kids in the past.  

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