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Michael Darby Defends Himself Against Sexual Assault Claims In The New Trailer For RHOP Reunion!

Published Fri Sep 06 2019 By Travis
Michael Darby Defends Himself Against Sexual Assault Claims In The New Trailer For RHOP Reunion!

The trailer for Real Housewives of Potomac was released and the whole team is out for Michael Darby and the alleged sexual assault claim.

Last season was not just all the ladies fighting amongst each other, last season of Real Housewives of Potomac was also memorable for the bombshell allegation of Michael Darby facing a sexual assault allegation.

It wasn’t just like another day in the office when all the ladies of Potomac came together to talk to Andy Cohen. It was more of what to expect in the reunion episodes coming up in the show which sure looks to be intriguing and a whole lot of fun. We already knew the ladies would be at each other’s throat when the show premiers the reunion episodes but then there was the early glimpse of what was to come from the show in the trailer for the show.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen was on hand to ask some hard questions for the cast of RHOP.

Source: People

The trailer was sent to People for an exclusive look, and it showed Ashley Darby, as well as Michael, are definitely going to be on the hot seat during the reunion episodes. The trailer was just the simple stuff of the ladies going at each other, and then we got to see the special guest in the reunion episode with Candiace’s mother Dorothy Dillard showing up on the couch and showing off her purse.

The same purse she allegedly used to hit her daughter in the face in an incident which was reported happened off-screen. Dorothy gets up with the bag and says, “I didn’t hit her Andy,” and when Andy asks her to explain what happened and o explain how the purse struck Candiace’s face, Dorothy said, “Her head bumped into my purse!” It was a statement no one in the room, or the viewing audience will believe.

Dorothy and Candiace Dillard.
Dorothy Dillard shows off the purse which she allegedly used to hit her daughter Candiace.

Then the whole thing took a turn when Ashley tells Gizelle if she was her friend, then she wouldn’t say things about her husband. To which Gizelle replied, “You asked me straight up, ‘Do you think it happened?’ And I said, ‘Uh, yeah!’ Michael Darby squeezing ass!”

It was all in response to the court documents filed against Michael Darby by a cameraman on the show, Orville Palmer, who claimed Michael “grabbed and groped” his behinds and felony charges were filed against househusband Darby, but it was later bumped down to misdemeanor improper sexual contact and Montgomery County court dismissed the whole things after there was just not enough evidence to make a correct assessment of the whole situation.

Michael and Ashley Darby.
Michael and Ashley Dillard were put on the defensive by the whole cast.

Source: Reality Blurb

Ashley stayed by her man through the whole ordeal, and she defended her husband, who always maintained his innocence and said he only “bumped into the cameraman,” and nothing inappropriate happened.

But no one is really buying into Michael’s event of things with almost all the ladies joining in the chorus of convicting Michael of a crime which was already dismissed by the court. The Potomac court, though, seems not interest in the decision of the court with their own point of view convicting the man of a crime he says he did not commit.

Michael Darby
Michael Darby defended himself after the accusations of sexual assault.

Source: TMZ

Robyn told Andy, she believed it happened with the husbands also joining in to let their feelings heard. “I do believe you did it,” Ray Huger sitting next to Michael told him. “I saw you,” he added.” Chris Bassett was the next one to slide in a comment about the whole situation, he said, “Usually when you bump into someone you say, “Excuse me, I’m sorry.’”

Finally, it was time for Michael to defend himself, and he started by saying, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, as usual.” The court did their due diligence, and there was nothing wrong about the whole debacle, he was let go, so Michael is not really in the mood to go into the detail of the whole thing, or at least it is the way the whole thing seems to us from the trailer.

The cast of RHOP.
All the ladies are coming back for a reunion episode in the RHOP season 4.

Source: People

No matter what the ladies or their husbands think of the whole situation, Ashley believes her husband to be true, and she is not going to stand by while various allegations are levied against her husband. “There are a lot of things that you don’t know,” she says, and it seems we are going to be privy to all the things when the three-part reunion airs.

All the ladies are returning to the show’s reunion episodes which kick off on 15 September 2019 only on Bravo TV. Tune in to find out how the whole Michael Darby situation shakes out in the end, but the one things we are more excited to see is the appearance of Dorothy Dillard and her explanation about how the purse found its way to the face of her daughter. If you want to know more about the Real Housewives of Potomac, then click right here.