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'Eleven' From Stranger Things Said "Really Challenging" To Adapt British Accent for Enola Holmes

Published Wed Sep 16 2020 By Chester
'Eleven' From Stranger Things Said "Really Challenging" To Adapt British Accent for Enola Holmes

The Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Finds British Accent "Really Challenging" 

Millie Bobby Brown has been in the eyes of media for a long time after the stranger things. With the success of the show, she has been given various roles in some movies. The British actress has been scheduled to appear in 'Enola Holmes'. But the sources have said that she was seen struggling to speak with a British accent for the movie even though she is an English actress.

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes
Image Source: Vos- La Voz

Further talking about the movie, Eleven from Stranger Things has been scheduled for the role of Sherlock Holmes's little sister. The movie also cast Henry Cavill as the detective and Helena Bonham Carter as their mother. Millie rose into fame after her role in stranger things for straight 3 seasons without a single disappointment in her acting. With the process of Stranger Things season 4 to be released, the actress has made herself busy during this quarantine to shoot for 'Enola Holmes'.

With the release of the poster and some pictures of the movie, fans and critics are excited to see the movie. 'The Witcher' Star Henry Cavill also has seen for the movie along with Millie which is a big opportunity for both of them.

The Poster of the Movie 'Enola Holmes'

The Poster of the Movie 'Enola Holmes'
Image Source: Collider

Netflix has worked with Millie in Stranger things and with Henry in The Witcher so, it has been quite a friendly environment in the shooting session and other as Enola Holmes also has been produced by Netflix.With the growing use of Netflix and rising numbers of Fans of the Stars, the movie may probably hit the internet after it's release.

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The Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress said that it was "really challenging" for her to adopt a British accent as she was used to American after her continuous work in Stranger things. With the interview at Radio Times, she clearly said that she spoke with an American accent for about five years for the role of Eleven. So, it has been hard for her to adapt to the British tones even though she is a British actress.

The 16-year old actress further added that she had to learn the accent as her tongue had become an American one. However, we can be sure that the actress may not disappoint us with her acting.

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Besides, the actress has also appeared in Godzilla: King of Monsters, Modern Family, and other Theater dramas

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