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Morgan Simianer is an American Cheerleader and Television Personality - Find Some Interesting Facts About Her

Published Mon Mar 23 2020 By Christina
Morgan Simianer is an American Cheerleader and Television Personality - Find Some Interesting Facts About Her

Morgan Simianer is a name famous from the Netflix popular 2020 TV series, 'Cheer'. The series follows the life of competitive cheerleaders at the 'Navarro College' in Corsicana, Texas. 

Simianer is featured as the second-year cheerleader who's got a tricky spot in the cheer team. The six-episode docuseries takes viewers into the team's preparation for a competition in Daytona Beach, Florida. The series follows a great deal of hardships and actuality in the athleticism of cheerleading. 

Fans wondering about Morgan from the 'Cheer' get ready for insight on some of the interesting facts on the American cheerleader. 

Morgan Simianer's Troubled Past

The athletic personality is originally from the land of Osage, Wyoming. Though Morgan's family background is a little tricky, to begin with. Just when she was a sophomore in high school, her parents got divorced.

Morgan lived off in a Trailer due to no place to go

Morgan spend her time in a trailer after Sophomore year due to family issues.
Photo Source: MTV

The tricky divorce forced the girl to live in a trailer with her brother. The situation was made so because her mother left abruptly, and her father lived off separately with his new wife and children. 

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After years of living in the trailer, the Simianer kids were finally rescued by their grandparents. The change of town gave Morgan the opportunity to attend the Navarro College in Corsicana. 

Found Second Mom in Head Coach at Navarro College

There's always a second chance at things in life. If you've watched the Netflix series, 'Cheer,' then you must know what we are talking about. The series pictured Morgan soaring to heights unknown all because of her passion, dedication, and support from Head coach Monica Aldama

Morgan and her head coach Monica

Morgan with her head coach Monica Aldama.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

In the series, you can see the cheerleader saying, "If Monica believes in me enough to put me in, then I should be able to trust myself," She also emotionally adds, "I'd do anything for that woman."

Morgan Simianer Appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen DeGeneres invited Morgan and her Navarro Cheer teammates to surprise model Kendall Jenner. Apparently, Jenner, who is a former high school cheerleader, was obsessed with the 'Cheer' series, so Ellen decided to surprise her with the Navarro team.

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The Navarro teammates were: James ThomasShannon WoolseyTT Barker, and choreographer/coach Andy Cosferent. The cheerleaders made Kendall perform a stunt demonstration in the show. The team even gifted the supermodel with a cheer uniform. 

Morgan's Beauty Regime is to Sleep With Makeup

While that might not sit in well with some of us, it suits perfectly to the likes of this famous cheerleader. Simianer says she likes to sleep in full makeup the night before a performance. The reason for this bizarre habit is her not being a morning person, as she exclusively told the Vogue. 

Morgan during the Ellen DeGeneres show

Morgan Simianer during the Ellen Degeneres show.
Photo Source: Facebook

The 23 year old cheer star mentioned usually having a team dinner the night before a performance, so she carefully sleeps on her makeup and just re-curls hair the next day. Even though people tell her it's a disgusting habit, still Morgan claims its because she hates mornings. 

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