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Mya Curvz's Net Worth Is Huge: The Breakdown

Published Thu Mar 11 2021 By Bran
Mya Curvz's Net Worth Is Huge: The Breakdown

Grab all the exclusive details about the net worth and bank balance of social media star Mya Curvz in this article.

Myesha Boulton, aka Mya Curvz, is a prominent Instagram star in the showbiz sector. The 28-year-old actress has been around the social media world for the past few years and is on a roll with thousands of followers. In recent times, the public figure has been active in the online handle working for several renowned brands.

Born in the United States on August 20, 1993, Myesha Boulton is one aspiring model at the present time. Little did she know that she would make it as such a persona, but with immense hard work and dedication, the empowered woman proved that nothing is impossible. Talking about her personal life, she is single.

Mya Curvz flaunts her attractive curvz  in a picture.

Mya Curvz owns a staggering net worth of $500,000.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Since Myesha often loves to flaunt her curves and figure on Instagram, which might have been the reason for her name 'Mya Curvz.' Stay right here to know how much is her net worth. 

Mya Curvz's Six-Figured Net Worth

Not everyone can make it as an Instagram star since there is massive competition around, but Mya Curvz is someone who makes it look like a cakewalk. The charming public figure started her Instagram journey in 2017, posting her first-ever selfie. That debut was in fact, the start of something delightful for both, her fame and fortune both.

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Getting into the specifics, Mya Curvz gathers a whopping net worth of $9 million as per Net Worth and Salary.  Such a six-figured bank balance helps her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle around all sorts of modern amenities. Besides, her colossal bank account helps her to fund her trips to several vacation locations such as Dubai, Jamaica, and Turkey.

Mya Curvz in a pink dress poses for a picture.

Mya Curvz has over 865,000 followers on her Instagram handle.
Photo Source: Instagram

Mya Curvz's source of income is diverse as she makes significant earnings from her works as a model cum influencer. Apart from that, her posts on Instagram sponsor her a great amount to contribute to her wealth figure. 

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As per online estimates, Mya Curvz makes an estimated earning of around $2,580 to $4,301 per each Instagram post. The figure can grow further in the near future as the model is just getting started and her follower count is increasing every day.

Mya Curvz Lives A Lowkey Lifestyle

While Mya Curvz's online presence might showcase immense glamour in the model's life, the 28-year-old diva prefers to keep most of her personal life details under the radar.  Thus, that explains why there hasn't been any clue on whether the charming artist is linked to any boyfriend or husband in the past. Only time will tell, who the lucky guy will be to get to date Curvz.

Mya Curvz in a red dress poses for a picture.

Mya Curvz started her Instagram journey in 2017.
Photo Source: Facebook

 Back in 2017, Mya Curvz made it to the news following an accomplished weight loss journey. Judging by her online behavior, she is active on Tik Tok as well and loves to travel around beautiful scenic places across the globe. With her big net worth, there is no doubt that she cannot afford such wealth.

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