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What is Nathan Fielder's Net Worth? How Much Did He Make From the Docu-series 'Nathan For You'?

Published Wed Oct 30 2019 By Travis
What is Nathan Fielder's Net Worth? How Much Did He Make From the Docu-series 'Nathan For You'?

Nathan Fielder is a renowned comedian who made his career on Comedy Central. He was born on 12 May 1983 in Vancouver, where he lived all of his adult life and also started on his journey of becoming a comic. He was in high school when the comedy bug infected him, and the comedian joined the improv group at his school.

The comedian worked as a magician to support himself while in college. He studied at the University of Victoria, located in California. After graduating with a degree in Commerce, the comedian moved back to Canada and quit comedy to focus on his new job in a brokerage firm. Nathan was seemingly done with comedy, but it seems comedy was not done with the comedian because, by 2006, his dream was coming true.

Nathan Fielder made his career with the docu-series 'Nathan For You.'
Nathan Fielder made his career with the docu-series 'Nathan For You.'

Source: Pitchfork

Nathan started working for 'Canadian Idol' in 2006 as a content writer for the singing talent show where she was noticed by the producer of 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes.' He worked as a field correspondent for the show and also gave birth to one of the famous bits from the show 'Nathan on Your Side,' which was a great influence in his career-making show 'Nathan For You.'

How Much Did Nathan Fielder Make From the Docu-series ‘Nathan For You’?

Nathan For You

'Nathan For You' is a docu-reality series, which was created by Nathan Fielder and starred himself as an obnoxious version of himself where he tries to go and help people using his business education while suggesting over the top plans to succeed.

The show was a massive success even before it premiered one single episode after Nathan used his camera crew to raise awareness for a petting zoo in California. They filmed a trained pig helping a baby goat from water, and the video was a viral sensation where major news networks ran it as a legitimate story.

Watch: The Comedy Central show Nathan For You

When the show premiered in 2013, they revealed the whole thing was a hoax, and this resulted in the show getting a lot of publicity and critical acclaim. The series premiered to good numbers of 354,000 and then later improved to over 600,000. All the episodes did well in their time slots, and the show was discontinued after the fourth season because Nathan wanted to explore other avenues of acting. The show’s success was also one of the reasons why the actor got divorced from his wife, Sarah Ziolkowska.

The show was not only a rating success but was also a big earner for Comedy Central. The show was not exactly expensive to produce, which is why the creators, producers, and the director made a lot of money. Comedy Central pays an Average salary of about $55,000 to their actors, and considering the fact Nathan created the show, directed and produced it, they probably paid a hefty sum to the comedian.

It can be deduced the actor took about an average of about $1 million per season of the show. The actor not only earned fame from the show, but he also made a lot of money.

What is the Net Worth of Nathan Fielder?

Nathan Fielder

The actor was earning living-wage when she was going about in comedy in the mid to late-2000s. Then 'Nathan For You' brought a lot of fame and money for the actor and he made close to $4 million from the show.

After leaving the show, the actor appeared in multiple shows and movies where he was paid handsomely, and Nathan is currently executive producing the show 'How To with John Wilson' for HBO. The channel is known for spending money on quality, so expect the actor to take home a big lump sum for his participation in the show.

Nathan Fielder made his net worth from the show Nathan For You.
Nathan Fielder made the bulk of his net worth from the show 'Nathan For You.'

Source: Moviefone

All in all, the actor’s net worth comes to about $6 million, and it was all hard work and dedication, which allowed the actor to make a name for himself and cash in on his career’s success.

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