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Nathan Fillion Says Yes to a Role in 'The Suicide Squad'

Published Mon Mar 02 2020 By Matthew
Nathan Fillion Says Yes to a Role in 'The Suicide Squad'

'Castel' and 'The Rookie' star Nathan Fillion says yes to a role in DC Universe's 'The Suicide Squad,' and it's all because of James Gunn!

Four years ago, the villains of the DC world came together to save the world in 2016' Suicide Squad,' and it's about to happen again. While the second in line succession of the franchise is bound to feature a few previously existing faces, the James Gunn reboot is mostly comprised of a new cast. Recently news about the 'Castel' star Nathan Fillion joining the cast of the upcoming 'The Suicide Squad' was confirmed.

When inquired about the motivation behind the acceptance of the role, Fillion said, "James Gunn, one of the people in my life that when he calls, I just say 'Yes to whatever you're about to say. It's yes, the answer's yes.' James Gunn is a fantastic storyteller. That guy understands the story, and he loves to tell a story. So when he wants to do something, you know it's going to be fun, you know it's going to be satisfying."

Nathan Fillion to star in all new 'The Suicide Squad' by James Gunn.

Nathan Fillion to star in all-new 'The Suicide Squad' by James Gunn.
Source: YouTube

Producer Peter Safran revealed to JoBlo that Gunn's reboot of the movie would be nothing like its predecessor as the previous one directed by David Ayer faced a lot of criticism from the fans. As to what character Nathan will be portraying, there exist a few speculations but no confirmed announcement. Fillion responded, encouraging the curious fans and reports to talk about his part when their guesses are clearly off the mark.

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A set photo that surfaced online sported Nathan in a head to toe a leather green suit hinting to the fact that he might be playing 'Blackguard.' Yet other parts of his costume, the arm-based logo on the chest of his uniform, suggests that he could appear as 'Arms-Fall-Off-Boy.' Considering how big a fan of the source material Gunn is, it wouldn't be surprising to see him bring up an overshadowed character. Prior Gunn stated that he reread every single Suicide Squad comic before creating the new project.

Nathan Fillion in all green suit at the set of 'The Suicide Squad'.

Nathan Fillion in all green suit at the set of 'The Suicide Squad'.
Source: Comic Book Movie

The new reboot isn't Nathan Fillion's first rodeo with the comic world. 'The Rookie' star frequently collaborated in the past with the 2006's Slither being the first time working together with James Gunn. In terms of the DC universe, Nathan previously voiced 'Vigilante' in Justice League Unlimited, 'Steve Trevor' in the 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie and 'Hal Jordan,' a.k.a. Green Lantern, in numerous direct-to-video films.

Watch: Nathan Fillion Voiced Steve Trevor

Nathan was also shipped in the role of Hal in the live-action Green Lantern movie, but eventually, Ryan Renolds scored the role. Guess it wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that it probably worked out for the best for Fillion taking in the account the aftermaths of the 2011 'Green Lantern' film. As to how the 48 years old Canadian-American actor will handle the latest James Gunn endeavor, only time will tell.

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