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Nesta Cooper's Relationship With Boyfriend Pete Van Auker - How Long Have They Been Dating?

Published Mon Sep 23 2019 By Travis
Nesta Cooper's Relationship With Boyfriend Pete Van Auker - How Long Have They Been Dating?

Nesta Cooper is a Canadian actress who started her career in The CW network with the show Cult. Born on 11 December 1993, she was raised in Mississauga Ontario but started her career in American TV. She got a role in the western movie 'Diablo,' but her biggest call to fame was her appearance in the film The Edge of Seventeen, 'Reality High,' and 'Travelers.'

The actress made her career in television with supporting roles in TV shows and an occasional movie. 'The Edge of Seventeen' was her first major success with the film doing well, both with the critics and at the box office.

Nesta Cooper
Nesta Cooper started her career on The CW.

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Movies were also special for her though because while filming a movie, she and one of the people involved in making the movie Reality High caught feelings and fell in love. She fell head over heels and still to this day the two are together.

Nesta and Her Relationship with Boyfriend Peter Van Auker

Nesta Cooper and Pete Van Auker

Nesta was filming the movie 'Reality High' for Netflix with this movie being her first major starring role in a big production. Directed by Fernando Lebrija, there was an associate producer for the movie, Pete Van Auker. The movie was wrapping up filming, and the duo started developing feelings which blossomed over time. After the movie was done and the filming team was going away, Nesta and Peter started their relationship on 21 November 2016.

Just go to their Instagram page, and you will find an abundance of photos of the two hanging out together and always soo in love. She once posted a sweet message on Instagram, talking about how much she loves Peter, and we were in tears. 

“Next week I’m leaving LA to film for 8 months,” she wrote. “I’m so grateful for this sweet boy for helping me navigate the worst time of my life. Thank you for loving me through all the ugly, for ~literally cooking for me every day, for playing with my hair while we watch baking shows, for waking me up from nightmares to kiss me til I’m back asleep, for making me laugh every second, and for endless cuddles. You are really the best person I have ever known. Your heart is bigger and better than this world will ever deserve. Thank you for giving me someone to miss horribly while I’m away. I love you.”

The lovebirds also adopted a dog together, if a joint adoption of a pet doesn’t say “we are seriously in a relationship,” then nothing does. They named the Husky, Juneau, and we love the beautiful dog. By the looks of things the couple are getting ready to tie the knot, there is no sign of engagement or proposal but we can see the couple getting hitched and get married somewhere down the line.

How Long Have They Been Together?

Nesta Cooper and Pete Van Auker

From November 2016 to now the couple’s been together for almost three years, but just by looking at the couple, it feels like they grew up together and fell in love when they were kids. Love is a precarious thing, it needs to be nurtured, developed and raised which is what they did and because of the lovebirds treat each other so nicely this resulted in the love between the two deepening to a point where only people involved in a relationship for a long time experience.

Her Biggest Role is Going to be Haniwa in SEE

Haniwa in the new show SEE

Apple TV Plus is rolling out ‘SEE’ this fall, and they are spending boatloads of money for the success of the series, which is why they are also hiring the best performers for the particular roles. Nesta was lucky enough to get a role in the series with the actress getting the role of 'Haniwa,' which is the main character in the show.

Haniwa is the adult daughter of Maghra played by Hera Hilmer, and along with her brother Kofun played by Archie Madekwe. The twins are the only kids born in this new world who are able to see after generations of humans were born without the sense of sight.

Since the whole show revolves around the kids with the ability to see, Nesta is going to be at the forefront of the whole $150 million budgeted TV show. This will be the introduction of the streaming site, and she will be burdened with the task to get the series to unseen heights.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of SEE coming on 1 November

SEE is scheduled for release on 1 November and Pete was more than happy to see the series wrap up filming after eight months and get his love, Nesta, back home.

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