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Who is Nikita Dragun Ex-boyfriend? Find Out What Happened Between the Former Couple

Published Tue Mar 31 2020 By Bran
Who is Nikita Dragun Ex-boyfriend? Find Out What Happened Between the Former Couple

American YouTuber Nikita Dragun is quite popular among the online community. She broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Michael Yerger a few months ago. Let's find out more about him. 

Born on January 31, 1996, Nikita Dragun makes the full opportunity of the digital platform and is considered one of the most popular YouTubers of the current generation. With more than 2.60 million followers on her YouTube channel, her private affairs are often a public matter, including her personal and love life. 

Dragun's romantic life is nothing short of drama since she just came of a broken relationship. Following a few months of the separation, her ex-boyfriend, Michael Yerger, broke the silence. So, without wasting much time, let's know more about him and his affair with the YouTube star.

Nikita Dragun's Ex-Boyfriend Michael Yerger is An Actor

Unlike the YouTuber Nikita Dragun, her former lover, Michael Yerger is a television star. Originally a real estate agent, he rose to prominence after participating in Survivor: Ponderosa. Kudos to an incredible performance, he got further opportunities to cement his place in the industry.

Michael Yerger in a black suit poses for a picture.

Michael Yerger and YouTuber Nikita Dragun revealed how their relationship was transactional to make the model a fake boyfriend.
Photo Source: Michael Yerger Instagram

Yerger went on to earn a vital credit in Survivor, the 2018 television series, in around 14 episodes. Born on July 20, 1998, the Tennessee born actor continued to act, as he featured alongside Brittany Alexis Phillips and Ari Welkom in a short science-fiction video called 'Bionic - Mclaren' in December 2019.

Dragun's Heartbroken Lover is a Model

Popular from his affiliation in Survivor, Nikita Dragun's ex-boyfriend, Michael Yerger pursues a reasonably successful career as a model. Specifically, he is an underwear model that represented top agencies like LA Models, Ford Models, and Kult Models agencies in the past.

Nikita Dragun in a white t-shirt and a black hat poses for a picture.

Michael Yerger competed in the popular reality tv show of Survivor.
Photo Source: Michael Dragun's Instagram

The Knoxville based artist completed his academics from Bearden High School. It was shortly after that when he decided to take his career into the next level. In fact, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to become a supermodel. Interestingly, he was fortunate to share modeling shoots with the reputed Alessandra Ambrosio.

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Besides modeling and his acting career, he prefers spending doing martial arts. Surprisingly, he is a black belt in taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, and hapkido. In order to be a top model, he pays full attention to maintain his body shape and does regular workout and exercise with proper nutrition. 

 Nikita Dragun's Breakup with Michael Yerger

The romantic relationship between the transgender beauty, Nikita Dragun, and her ex-boyfriend Michael Yerger was nothing short of drama. According to the YouTuber diva, their relationship started on a transactional model as her lover Yerger was an established model who could help her do shoots, campaign, and act as a 'fake boyfriend' for the digital platform. 

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Yerger and Dragun featured in multiple videos on her YouTube channel, which certainly helped the diva to cement her legacy in the network. The supermodel, Yerger, made things clear about how the transgender personality approached him at a bar to be in her YouTube videos. Furthermore, he made a reasonable sum of income being in Nikita's videos.

YouTuber Nikita Dragun and her ex-boyfriend Michael Yerger both in purple holding puppies.

Nikita Dragun and Michael Yerger ended their romantic relationship in 2019.
Photo Source: Michael Yerger

Yerger did face the obligations to attend public events and be more physical on the internet to demonstrate their relationship. However, the transactional relationship couldn't deceive the audience for long as they broke up quite publicly shortly after the YouTube musical festival as Dragun saw her hang out with another girl, a long time friend of the hired boyfriend, Yerger.

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