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No New Supernatural Episode This Week; Episode 4 Moved from Tomorrow to 7 November

Published Wed Oct 30 2019 By Travis
No New Supernatural Episode This Week; Episode 4 Moved from Tomorrow to 7 November

New episode of 'Supernatural' will not be available this week; episode four postponed to Thursday of next week.

'Supernatural' was supposed to be on The CW tomorrow at its usual time slot, but it seems there will be something else taking the place of Supernatural this week because the fourth episode of the final series was moved a week away. There will be no 'Supernatural' this week, and fans will need to wait another eight days to see the aftermath of a beloved character’s death.

The show will return to the usual time on 7 November 2019, and the reason given for the short hiatus was for fans to mourn the death of a beloved character, 'Rowena.' She sacrificed herself in the last episode to save the brothers and the world in a heroic plunge into hell to seal the crack opened by god.

Sam, Dean and Castiel against the monsters.
Supernatural season 15 episode four was postponed one week.

Source: Den of Geek

It was a death to a fan-favorite character, but the reason for hiatus is totally flimsy considering the fact they never took this type of hiatus when other beloved characters met their demise. The main reason for postponing the series a week into the future is probably due to the recent arrest of the co-star of series.

Jared Padalecki, the actor who plays the character of 'Sam Winchester,' was arrested yesterday outside a bar. He was taken to the Austin holding cell, where they charged the actor with two counts of assault and one count of public intoxication.

Jared Padalecki's mug shot after he was arrested for public intoxication and assault.
The mug-shot of Jared Padalecki after his arrest in Austin, Texas.

According to the eye witness reports, Jared hit the bartender on his face, and then the General Manager of the establishment also met the same fate. After the actor was outside the place, on the street, a friend tried to calm him down, and in the video obtained by TMZ, we can all see the actor putting the man in a headlock, and a little while later, the cop arrives on the scene.

The actor was seen leaning against a car, and when he tried to stand straight, his whole upper body was tilting backward. After two unsuccessful attempts to stand up straight, the actor gave up and then half-leaned-half-lied on the car behind him. There was also a moment where the actor was seen taking out a wad of cash, and the police dispersed, then they put him in the police car and took him away.

Watch: The video of Jared Padalecki getting arrested

The Texas-born actor was expected to return to Vancouver soon to film new episodes of the series, but then this incident happened. The actor also set to film a reboot for the hit 90s series 'Walker, Texas Ranger,' which was picked by The CW, but now all are waiting to see what happens in his court case.

Jared most probably posted the $15,000 bail set by the court and will soon be required to face the court on the three counts he was arrested on. A source close to 'Supernatural' production said the schedule for the filming of the final season of the series is still intact for now.

Watch: The promo clip for the fourth episode of Supernatural season 15

The fourth episode of 'Supernatural' ‘Atomic Monsters,’ where the brothers will be investigating mysterious deaths after averting the apocalypse, will air on 7 November 2019.

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