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What is the Net Worth of 'The Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus in 2021? Learn All About His Earnings and Wealth Here

Published Sun Sep 05 2021 By shirayoky
What is the Net Worth of 'The Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus in 2021? Learn All About His Earnings and Wealth Here

Grab all the exclusive details about the net worth and the bank balance of Norman Reedus in this article.

Born in Hollywood, Florida, Norman Mark Reedus is an actor, model, and television host. Reedus is known for starring in the popular AMC horror drama series The Walking Dead as Daryl Dixon.

Previously in a relationship with supermodel Helena Christensen with the pair first became an item in 1998. The actor and model were together for five years, during which they had son Mingus in 1999. Sadly, the pair parted in 2003.

Reedus married Diane Kruger in 2016. The duo had met each other on the set of Sky, in which they played love interests. Lately, many fans are curious about his net worth details. Read ahead to know.

What is the Net Worth of Norman Reedus as of 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, it is estimated that Norman Reedus's net worth is $25 million as of 2021. That much money is accumulated from being an actor and model. He also reportedly makes $1 million per episode on average from his works on television.

Norman Reedus' estimated net worth is around $25 million as of 2021.

Norman Reedus holds a staggering net worth of $25 million as of 2021.
Photo Source: Deadline

Reedus first debuted in the significant film Mimic and later, Mac in Giovanni Rodriguez's Red Canyon. Afterward, Reedus played major Murphy MacManus in the film The Boondock Saint in 1999.

Then he reprised the role in the 2009 sequel The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. He played Scud in Blade II. He comes as a guest-starred role in Charmed as a Nate Park, Paige Boyfriend 'Rose McGowan.'

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Reedus joined the cast of the American Multi-Cinema horror drama "The Walking Dead" in the role of Daryl Dixon in 2010. He continued this role through season 10, which is on pause as of April 2020 due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

In 2017, his salary per episode of The Walking Dead was $650,000. In 2019 his salary in The Walking Dead role boosted to $1 million per episode.

Reedus starred in Hello Herman, which unfolded nationwide and on request on June 7, 2013. Similarly, Reedus currently stars in the reality series Ride with Norman Reedus, which premiered in June 2016. Recently, he started Bigbaldhead Productions with an overall deal at AMC.

Norman Reedus is Interested to Play as a Ghost Rider In MCU.

Rumors have been circulating that Marvel is looking for a character to introduce Ghost Rider within the MCU. Many suggestions are floating around, but one name seems to be emerging as a fan favorite. That actor is Norman Reedus, who is no unfamiliar with the comic book franchise.

Norman Reedus as a Ghost rider in MCU

Norman Reedus is keen interested in playing the role of Ghost rider in MCU.
Photo source: Instagram

Marvel has no confirmed plans to bring Ghost Rider or Norman Reedus into the MCU for the time being, which is quite surprising. But one thing is sure that Reedus is incredibly interested in playing the character within the MC.

In a recent interview with, Reedus explained that he wants to play Ghost Rider and the thought of being able to transform into the character is something he thinks would be incredible and one hell of an experience.

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“I want to play Ghost Rider. I want a fire skull. I want my face to turn into a fire skull and whip a chain around. That would be great,” Reedus revealed.

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