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Nova Whitfield: The Proud Daughter of DC Young Fly's Success!

Published Mon Jul 31 2023 By Bsgurung
Nova Whitfield: The Proud Daughter of DC Young Fly's Success!

Nova Whitfield gained fame as the daughter of the well-known TV personalities DCYoungFly and MS Jacky Oh, who are famous for their appearances on the popular show Wild 'N Out, hosted by Nick Cannon. Tragically, Nova lost her mother in 2023. Despite her young age, Nova has already become a prominent Instagram star. 

She currently runs an account under the username @novalicious, boasting a following of over 174K dedicated fans. Her captivating posts and engaging content have contributed to her growing popularity on the platform. As the daughter of well-known parents, Nova's online presence has attracted considerable attention, making her one of the top rising stars on Instagram.

Know About Nova Whitfield's Age and Birthday

Nova Whitfield, the adorable celebrity kid, was born on October 30, 2016, in the United States, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Currently, she is attending a local school in San Francisco, California. However, specific details about her school are kept private to ensure her safety and privacy.

Nova Whitfield parents
Nova Whitfield with her mother and father. 
Source: Instagram

As any doting father's little princess, Nova shares a passion for dancing. She frequently shares delightful dance pictures on various social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. 

Nova's charming and captivating dance moves have garnered attention from her followers, making her a popular young talent on the internet. Her parents, DCYoungFly and MS Jacky Oh, must be proud of their talented and beautiful daughter.

Details on Nova Whitfield's Parents

Nova Whitfield's parents are renowned names in the musical industry. Father, John Whitfield Aka DcYoungFly is a rapper, comedian, and TV personality. He gained significant popularity as one of the recurring cast members on the hit show "Wild 'N Out."

Jacky Oh and DcYoungFly have been happily together for over eight years, and they are proud parents of their adorable kids. The couple frequently shares heartwarming family moments on their Instagram account.

DcYoungFly's rise to fame began in 2013, and since then, he has built a massive following on social media, with millions of subscribers and followers on various platforms.

On the other hand, Nova's mother, MS Jacky Oh, is a well-known American Instagram Star hailing from Oakland. She is an alumnus of the University of California and has also appeared on the popular MTV show "Wild 'N Out." Together, Jacky Oh and DcYoungFly make a dynamic duo and are loved by their fans for their entertaining and heartwarming content.

Are They Married? 

Jacky Oh and DcYoungFly were a beloved couple in the entertainment industry, often admired by their fans as a couple of goals. Their wonderful romance began in 2015 when they first met in the hotel lobby during their early days on the show "Wild 'N Out." The instant attraction between them led to them starting to date, and they soon became inseparable, often seen holding hands in public.

Despite not being married, the rapper and model constantly showcased their love for each other on their social media, receiving blessings and admiration from their followers. Together for more than eight years, they share a strong and affectionate bond.

While they haven't tied the knot yet, many hope to see them take their relationship to the next level in the future. For now, the duo continues to live a dreamy life together, enjoying each other's company and spreading joy to their fans.

How Many Siblings Does Nova Whitfield Have? 

In addition to Nova Whitfield, DCYoungFly and Jacky Oh have two more children. Their second child, daughter Nala Whitfield, was born on August 7, 2020, making her a Leo. Then, in January 2023, the couple surprised the world with the arrival of their third child, a baby boy named Prince Nehemiah.

Nova Whitfield siblings
Nova Whitfield with her whole family. 
Source: People

Jacky Oh shared a series of pictures on her Instagram account to announce the birth of Prince Nehemiah, and many people rushed to the comment section to congratulate the couple. 

As parents, DcYoungFly and Jacky Oh are devoted to taking good care of their kids, and Nova has a close and loving bond with her siblings. She enjoys spending quality time with them and cherishes their special family moments.

The Tragic Death of Nova Whitfield's Mother, Jacky Oh, and Funeral Details

The passing of Jacky Oh, Nova Whitfield's mother, was a tragic event that occurred on May 31, 2023, in Miami. At the young age of 32, her departure left her loved ones with a profound sense of loss, and the exact cause of her death remains undisclosed, creating a sense of mystery surrounding the circumstances.

At the time of Jacky Oh's passing, DC Young Fly, Nova's father, was in Atlanta filming new episodes for the popular show "Wild 'N Out." Upon hearing the devastating news, he was undoubtedly overwhelmed with grief and shock. Jacky Oh had mentioned in a now-deleted social media post that she was in Miami for a 'mommy makeover,' as reported by Daily Mail.

Nova Whitfield mother
The Precious moment between mother, Jacky Oh, and Daughter, Nova Whitfield.
Source: Instagram

A memorial service for Jacky Oh was held on June 10, 2023, at the Jackson Memorial Baptist Church. All of the family, friends, and fans paid tribute to her memory. The loss of Jacky Oh has left an indelible impact on those who knew and loved her, and her absence will be deeply felt.

In a heartfelt tribute post on social media, DC expressed his deep love and admiration for Jacky Oh, calling her the greatest mother he knows. It is evident that she held a special place in Nova's father's heart, and he cherished the role she played in their family.

Net Worth and Lifestyle of Nova Whitfield

DC Young Fly, Nova Whitfield's father, has achieved remarkable success in his career, evident from his impressive net worth of $2 million. His diverse talents as an actor, comedian, and musician have contributed to his wealth through multiple income streams.

At the time of her untimely passing, Jacky Oh had amassed a net worth of $300,000. She was widely recognized as a reality TV and social media star, captivating audiences with her vibrant personality. 

In addition to her entertainment ventures, she ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her own cosmetic business called J Nova Collection. Her versatility and business acumen were also demonstrated in her work as a realtor.

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