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OMG! A Swimsuit By Youswim Fits Up To Five Different Sizes

Published Fri Jun 28 2019 By Jessica
OMG! A Swimsuit By Youswim Fits Up To Five Different Sizes

A swimsuit that fits every female from size 2 to 10. Wait, what?

When we recently learned that there's a brand that manufactures and sell swimsuits that can magically fit any female's body size, we couldn't believe it and of course, it led us to research on our own.

Seriously what sorcery? To make any kind of body sizes possible to fit inside any swimwear seems like a wild imagination.

The news, however, somewhat turned out to be true. Like you guys have to believe us on this. The strategy and the concept to innovate such idea, the game is literally changed. Thanks to this UK based swimwear line.

Well, if you will, allow us to introduce you guys to Youswim, a swimming collection line that made easier for every female out there struggling to find the right size swimwear for their body.

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Clearly as mentioned on their website, when Youswim creator came up with their plan to create swimwear collection, they decided to make something extraordinary that would blow up people's mind and something people will absolutely admire.

Youswim 'don't do sizes' and only make a single design piece that fits five different body sizes (US size 2-10). Like can you imagine that?

Swimwears by Youswim fits to every body sizes from (US) size 2 - 10.
Swimwears by Youswim fits to every body sizes from (US) size 2 - 10. (Source: Youswim.)

So, how did they do it?

The Youswim factory performs all the manufacturing tasks in England where their headquarter lies; from weaving, designing, packing, cutting, sewing and shipping.

To answer your unasked thoughts, the company obviously relies on stretchy fabric such as nylon and elastane to create the masterpieces which are not just stretchy but also flexible, soft, thick and luxe.

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To our excitement, we decided to look at their swimwear collection, and with what we found, we were totally starstruck.

Apparently, as much as we are blown away with their swimwear that fits every body size, we couldn't contain our joy to see the design. Because they're freaking cute as heck. 

Needless to say, we already fancy them.

Most of Youswim collection is available in bright and unique colors such as pink, olive green, red, grey, black and more, something the majority of female undoubtedly love.

It's certain that one won't just be able to find something like these anywhere.

See some of their designs and pieces below.

The customer, however, need to be careful with taking care of their Youswim pieces. Do not wash them with detergent or bleach, avoiding rubbing and dying them in the direct sunlight for the better and long-lasting purposes. 

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Last but not the least, thanks to Youwsim, at least now we don't have to worry about our body gain and loss and rock their collection for a long period of time. 

In addition, their price ranges from only £89 to £99.