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Patrick Beverley Married Life: Patrick's Wife and Kids

Published Mon Apr 10 2023 By Bsgurung
Patrick Beverley Married Life: Patrick's Wife and Kids

Patrick Beverley is an American basketball player who serves as a Shooting guard / Point Guard. He is currently playing with the Chicago Bulls of the NBA. Previously, he served in the Los Angeles Lakers with incredible form. Patrick is often bounded by the headline with his career and personal life. 

So, is the NBA superstar married? Know all the details about his wife and kids below. With his incredible style of playing, Beverley has secured several awards and titles into his belt. Patrick has ruled in the NBA and also served in countries including Greece, Russia, and Ukraine. 

Patrick Beverley Married Life: Patrick's Wife and Kids

Patrick Beverley is one of the most loved players in the NBA. With his great playing techniques and commitment, he has a global fan following base. So, his fans and followers often wonder about his romantic life.

Patrick Beverley is fathering two kids
Image: Patrick Beverley has two kids. Source: Instagram

The Chicago Bulls star is currently in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend. However, he has yet to marry his partner. So Patrick doesn't have a wife right now.

Although the basketball star hasn't tied the knot, the player has two beautiful kids from his past relationship. Patrick welcomed two kids, Adlaia and Everett Beverley, who are beautiful children.

Patrick likes the name of his baby momma hidden!

The name of his baby momma remains a mystery. After all, Patrick Beverley loves to keep it all tight-lipped about his past relationships. 

Patrickl's daughter, Everett, was born on 2nd February 2018 and is now five years old in 2023. However, his eldest child, Adlaia, stays hidden from public scrutiny. The NBA star often shares beautiful pictures of his kids on his Instagram. 

Although the two kids live with their mother, Beverley often visits them. He also takes them on holidays and spends quality time together. Yes, he has a hectic work schedule. But for his family, Patrick spares all of his duties.

Great Love Life With Girlfriend, Mandana Bolourchi

The NBA superstar is currently in a committed relationship. He is dating a beautiful model and businesswoman, Mandana Bolourchi. The celebrity couple is often highlighted on the internet for their relationship. 

Patrick Beverley and Mandana Bolourchi are dating
Image: Patrick Beverley is dating model Mandana Bolourchi. Source: Instagram

Taking a glimpse into their romantic love journey, they found one another in the early 2021s. Beverley and Mandana began dating in April. Patrick confirmed his connection with the Mandana in December. In the same year, the NBA star shared about his relationship on his Instagram account. 

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Patrick's Two Years With Mandana Bolourchi

People from all around the world congrats him for the best. Soon after, the pair share pictures of one another on their social media accounts. As of 2023, Patrick Beverley and Mandana Bolourchi spent two years in their relationship.

Patrick Beverley and his soon-to-be wife, Mandana Bolourchi, celebrated Mandana's birthday with a bash.
Image: Patrick Beverley and his soon-to-be wife, Mandana Bolourchi, celebrated Mandana's birthday with a bash.
Source: Instagram

Now they are about to celebrate their second anniversary. Maybe soon, they will update the fans of the lovely day via their Gram account. 

Like every partner, the beautiful model is very supportive of her beau. She often visits him in his game and supports him by cheering from the crowd. Their chemistry is seen as very much healthy and romantic.

Well, they are yet to get married. Likewise, Patrick hasn't put a ring on Mandana's finger. So, Beverley and his girlfriend haven't leveled up their relationship. So, they enjoy a slow but romantic journey. 

Who is Patrick Beverley's Soon-To-Be Wife, Mandana Bolourchi?

Of course, Mandana Bolourchi has a global reach of fan following through her boyfriend's fame. Apart from that, she is an independent lady with a remarkable career. 

The beautiful Iranian-American Mandana was born on 30th March 1994, with the birth sign of Aries. While growing up, the influencer stayed in three cities, Dubai, Tehran, and Los Angeles. 

Mandana Bolourchi is an Iranian entrepreneur and model
Image: Patrick's Girlfriend, Mandana Bolourchi, is an Iranian fashion model and entrepreneur. Source: Instagram

By profession, she is an entrepreneur and fashion model with huge followers. From interior design to investing in the business, she does a hefty load of work. In 2021, the Instagram star made Milan Fashion Week and has worked with several brands. 

Further, Bolourchi is often seen at the launch party of famous brands, including Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. With popularity, she has secured more than 600K followers on her Instagram account. 

How rich is the Former Los Angeles Lakers Star Patrick Beverley? Know About Pat's Net Worth and Salaries

Patrick Beverley stands at six feet and two inches and is an excellent choice for coaches. With his hard work and style of playing, he has been established as the toughest on the team. From this, clubs and brands are paying him tremendous wealth. 

Patrick Beverley has net worth of $13 Million as of 2023
Image: Chicago Bulls star Patrick Beverley taking off for vacation. Source: Instagram

As of 2023, the former Lakers star Patrick is enjoying a net worth of $13 Million. He amasses all of his wealth through his NBA Career. In the 2022-23 season, Beverley signed a contract with Chicago Bulls worth $800,000

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Total Career Earnings of Over $80 Million

With Los Angeles Clippers, he signed four years contract worth $23 Million with an annual salary of $5.7 Million. After that, the point guard joined the Minnesota Timberwolves for $13 Million guaranteed at signing for a year. 

Soon he became part of the Lakers for a year with a salary of $8.5 Million. Beverly secured over $80 Million from his basketball career, which he professionally started in 2010. 

Given Beverley's talent and experience in the field, he earned many brand endorsements. Through his sponsorship, the Chicago Bulls star makes over $1.5 Million annually. 

Luxurious Homes and Car Collections

Sure, Patrick Beverley is living life as a king. With his remarkable career, he has earned a massive fortune and is utilizing it in various investments. The NBA star owns several homes around the United States. 

Recently he bought a more than $1.2 Million home after he joined the Chicago Bulls. From his early years, he wanted to join his hometown club, and now he is here. Also, in July 2019, he bought a beautiful home for his single mother, Lisa Beverley.  

Patrick Beverley and his girlfriend, Mandana Bolourchi are Rolls Royece collecter
Image: Patrick Beverley and Mandana Bolourchi with their respective cars. Source: Instagram

In 2017, the former Lakers player bought an expensive property in Minnesota. However, the price of the houses is yet to be disclosed. As a car enthusiast, Patrick owns several luxurious cars collection, including Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and Kia Stinger. 

Also, his partner, Mandana, has a net worth of $5 Million and is a car lover. The duo has a black and white Rolls Royce whose starting price is over $500,000.

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