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People Want to Replace Ellen DeGeneres From The Show

Published Mon Aug 03 2020 By Kenshinpark
People Want to Replace Ellen DeGeneres From The Show

Fans want to replace Ellen DeGeneres, and it's trending on Twitter.

Following the investigation from WarnerMedia on Ellen DeGeneres Show after the reports of the toxic work environment, Ellen DeGeneres issued an apology to her fans.

But fans were not happy with the apology, and want to replace Ellen from the show. Because a lot of them think she is the one to blame for all the toxicity.

Recently, "Replace Ellen" is trending on Twitter, the trend began on Monday morning. The trend came following rumors came that Ellen was considering stepping down from the talk show.

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The controversy is ongoing for weeks now following allegations arose despite Ellen's friendly nature on her talk show. People claimed, "she is mean to those around here."

Ellen's apology, which was meant to calm the fans, renewed the calls for DeGeneres to be replaced with a different host instead. 

Some people already have their nominees for the position. One fan wrote, "#ReplaceEllen with [Ellen Page]. Huh! good idea, right?"

Another fan wrote, "#ReplaceEllen with Sean Evan [from HotOnes]. He is such a respectful guy and his show is both inventive and entertaining. Give #HotOnes a TV spot!"

Next fan wrote, "#ReplaceEllen with someone who is actually a good representation for queers and lesbians. Someone who treats their guests, staff, and managers with respect."

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