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Who is Ralph Tresvant Wife in 2020? Here's What You Should Know

Published Mon Jan 04 2021 By Bran
Who is Ralph Tresvant Wife in 2020? Here's What You Should Know

Grab all the exciting details regarding the love affair and married life of American singer Ralph Tresvant heading into 2021?

Ralph Edward Tresvant, aka Ralph Trespant, is perhaps somebody who might not need a formal introduction as he has a reputation as the lead singer of the R&B group, New Edition. The charming singer cum songwriter first released his solo album, Ralph Tresvant, in 1990 and continued to move up the ladder with every passing year. Later, he even shared the privilege to tour alongside the likes of Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill in 'Heads of State.' 

Ralph Tresvant's professional journey is nothing short of success, as his singing career rewards him with a colossal net worth of $8 million. Alongside his career, his love life is equally interesting, as he is blissfully married to a longtime wife heading into 2021. Stay right here as we bring you all the details regarding the married life of the charming artist with his beloved wife. 

Ralph Tresvant: Married For Seventeen Years To Wife

Ralph Tresvant  poses a picture in a white suit.

Ralph Tresvant and his wife Amber Serrano exchanged their vows in 2004.
Photo Source: Wikipedia

The personal life of Ralph Tresvant isn't the most secretive one as he would have hoped. The main reason why the singer failed to conceal about his married life was because of his soaring fame as one of the nation's finest singers cum songwriters. In fact, Ralph has been married to his longtime girlfriend in Amber Serrano

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Ralph and his partner, Amber Serrano, tied the knot way back in 2004. The love birds share a dramatic, romantic story since she wasn't his first love at all. Furthermore, he was previously married to his first wife, Shelly Tresvant, from 1993 to 1996. The main reason why his first marriage didn't work was because of the fact that Tresvant was cheating with her for Serrano.

Ralph Tresvant caught on camera with wife Amber Serrano.

Ralph Tresvant and his wife Amber Serrano are parents of one.
Photo Source: Affairpost

Following the first divorce, Amber Serrano and Ralph Tresvant dated for several years before actually making the big decision to exchange their vows. In 2021, the duo will celebrate their seventeenth marriage anniversary. Together, the pair share an adorable son named Dakari Tresvant. In fact, they often post pictures of the little family on online platforms.

Who is Ralph Tresvant's Wife, Amber Serrano?

Ralph Tresvant's beloved spouse might not be as popular as himself, but that by no means reduces the stature of Amber Serrano. The celebrity wife is quite an empowered woman herself and doesn't rely on her singer husband in terms of paying the bills. Serrano is actually an actress and also a visual art designer. Furthermore, she is even an entrepreneur who founded a company called Divine Inner Vision.

Ralph Tresvant poses a picture with wife Amber Serrano.

Ralph Tresvant's wife, Amber Serrano, is the founder of Divine Inner Vision.
Photo Source: Essence

The financial statistics of Amber Serrano and Ralph Tresvant are quite abundant as they don't have anything to worry about to cover up their wide expenses bill. While Ralph gathers a colossal net worth of $8 million and is more popular, Serrano is actually richer, with a staggering net worth of $15 million.

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