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Who is Ronny Chieng's Wife? Learn About Chieng and his Wife's Married Life Here

Published Sat Jun 12 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Ronny Chieng's Wife? Learn About Chieng and his Wife's Married Life Here

Who is Ronny Chieng's Wife: Get the Complete Details Here!  

Known as the co-writer and the star in ABC's Rony Chieng: International Student, Ronny Chieng holds a massive fandom. Chieng also appeared in a Marvel Comic movie. Moreover, Ronny came to the big screen as Jon Jon in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. But did you know Ronny married his wife thrice? 

A comedian and actor, you probably know Chieng from the hit Crazy Rich Asians he played a snobbish business tycoon. But in real life, unlike that sidekick role, Chieng is a much bigger star. While his career is kicking off with tremendous momentum, Ronny and his spouse share great chemistry! The Malaysia-born comedian is blissfully married. Continue reading to know more about Ronny's married life. 

Ronny Chieng's Wife and Their Conjugal Life! 

Around 2006, Ronny Chieng left his native land and moved to Melbourne, Australia. Chieng got his degree in Commerce and Law from the University of Melbourne, where he met his soulmate. Chieng married Vietnamese-Australian Hannah Pham on September 9, 2016. 

Ronny Chieng is a comedian and actor.
 Chieng and his wife Hannah had to marry three times.
Photo Source: Hollywood Zam

"We had to get married three times," he says in his Netflix stand-up special. "First time in Australia, then in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Even though I'm not from Kuala Lumpur but who gives a f--k what the groom wants." 

Then, finally, the duo had to exchange vows for the third time in New York for green card purposes. 

Hannah is also a graduate of the University of Melbourne and a housewife. Ronny says, "She is the cook of the household." Pham is a fine-trained cook running a Youtube channel, Pham Bham Kitchen, where she shares her amazing Asian food recipes.  

Ronny Chieng is married to Hannah Pham.
 Check out Ronny's wife, Pham's Youtube page Pham Bham Kitchen.
Photo Source: My Eater

The couple has been living in Manhattan for the last few years. Half a decade later, Ronny and his wife haven't given birth to any kids. Chieng told NY Times in 2018 that he and his wifey love a day out on weekends. 

"I'm very much an action movie person, and she is Notebook type, trying to find an overlapping movie is a fun part." Said Chieng.    

Ronny Chieng Joins 'Doogie Howser' Reboot and More!  

Ronny Chieng is going scripted. The comedian has booked a recurring guest role on the Disney+ reboot of Doogie Howser. He will play a heart surgeon through the paces. Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Kathleen Rose Perkins will also star alongside Chieng.      

Ronny Chieng struck a deal with Netflix for his three upcoming.
Ronny has struck a deal with Netflix for his three upcoming projects.
Photo Source: NY Times

You can look forward to seeing Ronny in a different light; another project he appeared in was the much-awaited thriller M3GAN. A tech-horror precisely, Blumhouse states, "This will be one of the most terrifying films to come out in the next couple of years."  

If you liked Chieng's Netflix series, Asian Comedian Destroys America, well, the comedian has appeared in the original role of Jon Jon in the Marvel film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings where Awkwafina also worked. Also, his second Netflix special, Speakeasy, was released in 2022.

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