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Who is Shantel Jackson' Boyfriend? Find all the Details About Her Relationship Status Here

Published Sat Apr 17 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Shantel Jackson' Boyfriend? Find all the Details About Her Relationship Status Here

Who Is Shantel Jackson Dating In 2021? All The Details On The Actress's Romantic Life Here! 

An aspiring actress and model, Shantel Jackson is at the advent of her promising career. With only four movies, appearances in some music videos, and reality shows, Shantel is yet to make a solid place for herself in Hollywood. 

Born on July 28, 1984, in Miami, Florida, Shantel Christine Jackson is one of the five children in her family of African-Indian-American ethnicity.   

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Although still a rookie in her field, Shantel is already a widely recognized name, mostly because of her past relationships. Continue reading to keep up with Shantel's current relationship status and more. 

Shantel Jackson Dating A Grammy-Winning Rapper!  

The 37-years-old actress is currently dating her long-time boyfriend Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, professionally known as Nelly, an acclaimed rapper, singer, and entrepreneur.  

The three-time Grammy-winning rapper was the first to make a move, as per sources, and the couple is currently in the 7th year of their long romance.  

Shantel's candid picture

Shantel Jackson is currently dating her long-time boyfriend, Nelly.  
Photo Source: Pinterest

The duo is known to share a goofy and open relationship. They started dating in 2014 and have stood through the worst since then. Shantel had joined the cast of the 2017' reality show "The Platinum Life," in which the actress gave the audience some peek inside her famed relationship. 

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In the show, Shantel shared her plans to marry and have children with Nelly someday. The actress further revealed that her boyfriend had baby fever.   

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Over the years, Jackson and Nelly have stayed candid on their romance and shared some hilarious pictures and anecdotes on social media. But the two were backlashed in 2018 when Nelly was sued by a woman named Jane Doe for an alleged sexual assault.  

Shantel Jackson's Boyfriend Nelly! 

Nelly was everyone's go-to rapper, and singer in the early 2000s, his arrival in the industry was marked with immediate and soaring success.  

Nelly embarked upon his journey in 2000 and since then has broken plenty of records and won countless accolades. 

Shantel and her boyfriend Nelly

Shantel Jackson revealed her plans to get married and have children with beau Nelly.
 Photo Source: Love Scott

Also referred to as "One of the biggest stars of the new millennium by Peter Shapiro, Nelly was at a time the fourth best-selling rap artist in American music history. 

Nelly, even though he is an undeniably talented and successful artist, and has been clearly up-front in philanthropy as well.  

The rapper, however, has maintained a questionable repute in the industry. From few minor encounters with the law, the rapper has been accused of sexual assault two times in consecutive years. 

Shantel Jackson's Past Relationships! 

The 37 years old actress isn't here for games; Shantel, who has been in the public eye for over a decade now, has only ever been in two significant and high-profile relationships.  

Shantel and Mayweather

Shantel Jackson dated boxer Floyd Mayweather for 8 long years. 
 Photo Source: Page Six

Shantel dated the heavyweight boxer Floyd Mayweather for 8 long years before Nelly. The former couple reportedly started dating in 2006 and were got engaged at some point, but they had a pretty rocky relationship, as per reports.  

The two split ways for good in 2014, but it wasn't an amicable or blunt break-up. The duo landed in court with serious allegations against each other, a clash that went on for years. 

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