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Is Shaquille O'Neal Dating after his Divorce? Learn his Relationship History

Published Sun May 29 2022 By bishalgurunj
Is Shaquille O'Neal Dating after his Divorce? Learn his Relationship History

Who is basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal in a relationship with right now? Know all about it!

What percentage of your time do you spend watching sports? Which sports show is your favorite? If you love watching NBA then this personality is not strange to you. His name is Shaquille O'Neal, one of the most successful NBA stars of all time. As of now, he is retired from basketball and also from sports analyst.

He is a 7foot 1-inch tall player and considered one of the greatest centers of all time. In his 19-year National Basketball Association career, he has won four championship matches and has gathered several other titles. Now, let's take a closer look into his life and find out more about him.

Is Shaquille O'Neal Dating after his Divorce? Learn his Relationship History

The sports industry's most attractive hunk Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most popular and well-liked NBA players. With his outstanding playing style and massive physic, he has a worldwide fan base. As a result, many people wonder what is going on in his life. Is he single or in a relationship? He is now enjoying life as a single man, thus the answer is no. Previously he has been in multiple devoted relationships that ended in divorce. 

Shaquille O'Neal with his former lover

Image: Shaquille O'Neal with his ex-girlfriend, Laticia Rolle. Source: Pop Sugar

The former Orlando Magic player's most recent relationship was with Gardner, Massachusetts model Laticia Rolle. They started dating in early 2014 and broke up in March 2018 after a four-year relationship. 

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Nicole Alexander, a TV star, was his girlfriend in 2010. They used to live in Sudbury, Massachusetts, together. They did, however, break up in August 2012, after a two-year relationship.

Divorce With Ex-Wife Shaunie Nelson

Until now, NBA great Shaquille O'Neal has only been married once. After courting for more than two years, he married his ex-wife, Shaunie Nelson, on December 26, 2002. They have four children as a result of their marriage. They welcomed their first child, Shareef, on January 11, 2000. Shaqir was born on April 19, 2003, and Amirah was born on November 13, 2001.

Shaquille O'Neal and his ex-wife

Image: Shaquille O'Neal with his ex-wife, Shaunie Nelson together. Source: First Sportz

Me'arah, their last child, was born on May 1, 2006. Nelson also has a child from a previous relationship, Myles. Everything was going well in their relationship until Shaquille filed for divorce on September 4, 2007. 

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The duo's divorce was postponed, and they began living together until 2009 when they finally decided to part ways and split up. O'Neal also has a daughter, Taahirah, from her former relationship with Arnetta Yardourgh, who was born on July 19, 1996.

While Shaq is now single, his former spouse Shaunie is not and has just married Keion Henderson.   

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