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What was Shawn McLemore's Net Worth at the Time of Death?

Published Thu Oct 28 2021 By Tashipalmo
What was Shawn McLemore's Net Worth at the Time of Death?

Shawn McLemore Has Passed Away at 54: What was the Singer's Net Worth at the Time of His Death!   

Shawn McLemore, a gospel musician and the leader of New Image, is no more. The singer was a giant in gospel music and was followed ardently in his hometown Houston and elsewhere. McLemore has had several health issues over the years, but the singer would always return to music. Only this time, the singer is gone forever, leaving behind hundreds of bereaving fans.  

Shawn Lamont McLemore was born on May 3, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. His family was god-loving people; hence Shawn was practically raised as one too. McLemore's passion for music stemmed during his frequent visit to church. Mclemore graduated from West LA University with a Bachelor of Arts in musical education. The late singer also obtained a Doctorate from Houston Bible College. 

McLemore's Net Worth During the Time of His Death! 

McLemore's career wasn't limited to singing; he achieved a stellar repertoire in the span of a two-decades-long career. Shawm released many albums, engineered songs for others, and conducted choirs and concerts. Although the numbers are disputed, as per some sources, McLemore was estimated to be worth $2 million at the time of his death.    

Shawn McLemore has passed away aged 54.

 McLemore had a doctorate from Houston Bible College. Photo Source: Youtube

At the beginning of his career, Shawn filled the background singer's spot for many artists like Donnie McClurkin; he was later featured on James Fortune's I Believe, and John P. Kee and the VIP Mass Choir's Jesus He's My King. He also starred in Tyler Perry's stage plays like If Loving You Is Wrong, Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned, Come Out Of The Rain, I Need A Man, Momma Don't, and more.  

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McLemore's first album, Walt on Him: was listed on Billboard's gospel album charts. McLemore's following albums, like Sunday Morning: The Live Experience, Stand: The Shawn Mac Project, and One Percent Miracle: Any Minute Now, performed fairly well. Just a few years after his first album McLemore was regarded as one of the best-recognized gospel recording artists.   

Shawn McLemore was a reputed gospel musician.

Shawn is survived by his wife and their daughter. 
Photo Source: Sports Keeda

It appears despite his importing success, McLemore was doing very well in his last days, as news flew that a gospel community was raising money for their idol as he continued to face a health crisis. In April, singer James Fortune announced that he was donating $7,500 for Shawn.  

McLemore's Cause of Death Revealed!    

McLemore was experiencing some illness for a long time; he suffered a major heart attack in the past yet came out alive even with a 1% chance of recovery. The singer passed away, aged 54, on October 9. His surviving wife, Rhonda, shared the tragic news on her Instagram.   

 Shawn passed away after a brief illness. 
Source: WilbGr8R

Sharing a photo of Shawn, Rhonda writes, "It is with deep and great sorrow The Mclemore Family announces the transition of Shawn Mclemore. Official details to follow." McLemore's family hasn't released a statement on the singer's cause of death, but the reason is said to be brief illness.   

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Fans and colleagues soon flooded social media with tributes for the late singer. Gospel superstar Erica Campbell, James Murphy, Alex Porter, and Verity Records are the few of many who posted tributes for McLemore.  

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