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Singer Daniel Skye Dating anyone? Five Facts To Know About The Upcoming Star

Published Mon Sep 09 2019 By Travis
Singer Daniel Skye Dating anyone? Five Facts To Know About The Upcoming Star

Born on 19 June 2000 in Hollywood, Florida Daniel Skye rose to prominence after posting 15-second snippets of cover songs on his Instagram page. Daniel started singing at a young age and soon took to music, which resulted in him playing in little concerts and programs around his hometown. Before he became famous and started touring all over the US, Daniel took Instagram by storm, and soon the world came to know the genius of Skye.

The Instagram fame soon translated into recognitions on other platforms, and Daniel started releasing original songs along with covers. People fawned over everything the singer did on his Instagram page, from his obvious boyish charm and his smile; everything makes the 19-year-old internet sensation an awesome watch on social media.

Watch: The official music video for Daniel Skye's 'Smile'

From covering songs to now on the verge of releasing his first solo album, the singer is on the cusp of international fame. So, here are the top five facts about the singer Daniel Skye.

5. He Became A Verified Musician At The Age Of 13

Daniel Skye

Daniel Skye was a singer in his neighborhood with the Jewish singer performing sporadically playing songs in the neighborhood. But when the singer got his Instagram account set up and started posting 15-second clips, the singer started gaining recognitions. So, after the followers started flooding in on his Instagram page, the image sharing site verified his account. Considering the fact he was only 13 years old and mostly did cover songs, him getting verified at such a young age is something really awesome.

He Started Out On Instagram

Daniel didn’t follow the similar path of the most other social media celebrity who became famous on YouTube. He first started on Instagram and then slowly transitioned into Vine and YouTube, which is a drastic difference from most other internet careers. This is also probably the reason why Daniel is still relevant in 2019 when most else internet celebrity faded away with time. Daniel also posted few videos where he sang with his siblings, brother Robert Skye and sister Rebecca Skye, both of whom are singers.

4. Daniel Released His First Original Song In 2014

The singer started with snippets of other artist’s songs which were extremely popular. His cover videos were extremely popular but covering songs is not sustainable for an artist who wants to be taken seriously in the long run. Daniel knew it and started making original songs with the first one released in 2014 called ‘Maybe’ the song was viewed for more than 4 million times on YouTube and this success only serviced the singer to start making more original songs, which was nice for everyone involved.

3. His Chart Debut Was In 2015

Making a song isn’t the only thing important when it comes to lasting success. To be on the path for sustainable success and recognition from the industry, there needs to be some amount of chart success to go along with social media success. Daniel made his first appearance on the charts with 'All I Want' which featured singer Cameron Dallas. The song reached a peak of #34 on the US chart and also made some appearance in foreign official music charts. This was his first foray into the world of music charts, and it was not the last either.

The Video For All I Want

The singer filmed a video for the song along with the featuring artist and released it on YouTube. To this date, the video is seen more than 20 million times and over 14 million streams of Spotify. Now, that is a nice way to announce yourself after only two original songs.

2. He Was Signed To RCA Records

RCA Records.

Mid-way through the 2000s, most people were in search of the next superstar act, and most of the agents and managers turned to social media pages. This is how Justin Bieber was discovered, his now manager found him on YouTube, signed him and now the manager is rich enough to buy the masters of all of Taylor Swift’s albums. The fact a kid was discovered on the internet lit a fire under the bottom of almost all music executives and in their quest to sing the next big singer Daniel Skye was the beneficiary. He was signed by RCA Records in September of 2016 and Daniel released his first singer under the banner with ‘ON’ arriving in January of 2017.

Bebe Rexha And Daniel Touring Together

Bebe Rexha and Daniel Skye together on tour.

‘ON’ was a moderate success and RCA wanted to send the singer on the road and who better to saddle the singer with other than another up and coming singer in Bebe Rexha. Bebe embarked on her first tour in 2017 with the first dates starting in 2017, and for most of the month, Daniel opened for the singer. This was both a new experience and a learning curve for the singer who went on a tour before, but this was the first time he opened for other singers on a regular basis.

1. Daniel Spent Valentine’s Day With Baby Ariel

Daniel was trained and supported by his parents from a pretty young age with his mother supporting Daniel’s budding music career and facilitating an environment to allow growth. So, most of his career, Daniel stayed away from relationships with not even a single hint he was dating someone or seen with a girlfriend. Then along came Baby Ariel, though the two never confirmed they are dating, the thing is they spent Valentine’s Day together. Baby Ariel is a muser who was the first person to reach more than 20 million followers on She is also a singer which is why Daniel and Baby Ariel collaborated a song together in March of 2018 called ‘Say It.’

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The singer is not exactly a household name, but he is slowly getting there, burrowing himself into people’s heart with his disarming smile and beautiful voice. The singer released one of his most successful songs to date with ‘I Want You’ which is close to 10 million views on YouTube. Daniel in 2019 was working on a new album, so it seems the fans will be getting a whole list of songs to go crazy over whenever he decides to release the album. The singer is small in height with only 5 ft 4 in but with net worth close to $1 million, the singer is not hurting.