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Skylene Montgomery: Unveiling the Woman Behind Sean Payton's Success

Published Fri Dec 15 2023 By Bsgurung
Skylene Montgomery: Unveiling the Woman Behind Sean Payton's Success

Skylene Montgomery, an American nurse, volleyball coach, and former beauty pageant contestant hailing from Parkersburg, West Virginia, gained prominence as the wife of Sean Payton, a retired football coach and player. Despite a significant age difference, their enduring relationship has captivated attention. 

Montgomery's life unfolds through her multifaceted roles, showcasing resilience and adaptability. While divorce rates surge, Payton, a divorcee, found love anew with Montgomery. The details of their meeting and the intricacies of Montgomery's journey from nursing to coaching remain intriguing facets of her biography, symbolizing the resilience and capacity for love beyond societal norms.

Skylene Montgomery Meet Her Husband, Sean Payton 

Skylene Montgomery and Sean Payton first crossed paths in 2014 during an NFL game between the Panthers and Saints. Montgomery, a North Carolina nurse and former beauty queen, met Payton, then head coach of the Saints. 

Skylene Montgomery husband
Image: Skylene Montgomery with her husband, Sean Payton enjoying the game. Source: The Sun

The couple's age gap of 21 years, with Payton being born on December 19, 1963, often sparks discussions. Their relationship, forged amidst football's intensity, adds intrigue to Montgomery's narrative, emphasizing love's resilience across generational disparities. 

The couple's enduring connection challenges societal norms, showcased in Montgomery's photos, inviting ongoing discourse about their unconventional yet steadfast union.

Engagement and Wedding Ceremony

After a five-year courtship, news of Skylene Montgomery's engagement to former football coach Sean Payton surfaced, following a November 8, 2019 proposal in New Orleans. 

Originally planning a March 2021 wedding, pandemic-related challenges led to a postponement. The couple ultimately exchanged vows on June 18, 2022, at a lavish Baja Peninsula resort along the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. 

The intimate ceremony, officiated by Coach Avery Johnson, a close friend of Sean's and an NBA player, was attended by cherished family and friends, marking the culmination of their enduring romance amidst the backdrop of scenic opulence.

Does Kylene Montgomery and Sean Payton Have Kids?

Skylene Montgomery and Sean Payton, residing in New Orleans, maintain a strong and enduring marriage. Frequently seen together at games and engaged in philanthropy, the couple, childless together, shares a bond with two cherished dogs, Frannie Grace and Murphy. 

Sean's supportive nature is evident in his commendation of Skylene during her 2022 graduation. Despite not having biological children, Montgomery embraces her role as a loving stepmother to Sean's two kids, highlighted by their presence at the engagement ceremony. Their shared life is a testament to mutual support, family harmony, and a commitment to both public and private endeavors.

Husband, Sean Payton's Past Marriage

Skylene Montgomery, previously married with minimal details disclosed, contrasts with Sean Payton's past union with Beth Shuey. Sean and Beth met at Indiana State University, sharing a marriage that lasted over 20 years and produced two children, Meghan and Connor Payton. 

Meghan, now an NFL Network sportscaster, and Connor, contributing to the Saints Scouting Department, reflect the family's deep connection to football. 

The couple, Sean and Beth, ended their long-standing marriage with a divorce in 2012, each charting separate paths after their shared history at Indiana State University. Montgomery and Payton's shared experiences weave a tapestry of complex personal and familial dynamics.

Skylene Montgomery Former Beauty Pageants

Skylene Montgomery, raised in Parkersburg, transitioned from a tomboyish childhood adorned in baggy shorts to embracing her feminine side during adolescence. Excelling in sports like volleyball and softball, she resisted dance lessons but found her forte in beauty pageants. 

Participating in Miss Teen West Virginia at 14, she secured second place, inspiring a continued pursuit of pageantry. Overcoming her tomboy image, Skylene's natural beauty earned her the title of Miss West Virginia USA in 2007. 

A pinnacle achievement led to her representation on the national stage in Las Vegas in 2008, where she showcased her grace and poise.

Skylene Montogomery Holds a Nursing Degree

Skylene Montgomery, alongside her active participation in beauty pageants, remained dedicated to her education, utilizing pageant winnings for scholarships. Graduating from Parkersburg South High School in 2003, she pursued a degree in exercise physiology at Marshall University, completing it in May 2007. 

Transitioning to nursing, she briefly studied at St. Mary’s School of Nursing before earning her nursing degree from West Virginia University in the mid-2010s. 

Throughout her career, she worked as a nurse, notably in the gastrointestinal intensive care unit at Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans. Committed to continuous learning, she obtained a master's degree in nursing from Loyola University in 2022.

Net Worth of Skylene Montgomery in 2023

Skylene Montgomery boasts an estimated net worth of $2 million, primarily sourced from her successful nursing career, earning over $150,000 annually. In contrast, her husband, retired football coach Sean Payton, commands a substantial net worth of $35 million.

Skylene Montgomery Miss Virginia
Image: Skylene Montgomery during her beauty pageant career. Source: Just Jared

Payton's coaching journey commenced in 1988 as an offensive assistant at San Diego State University, gradually advancing through collegiate ranks with salaries exceeding $18 million per year. 

His extensive coaching experience, spanning roles at institutions like Indiana State and Miami University, contributed to his financial success, reflecting the lucrative nature of his impactful career in American football.

How Old is Skylene Montgomery Today?

Skylene Montgomery, a 39-year-old American born on December 4, 1984, in Parkersburg, West Virginia, holds Caucasian ethnicity. Raised in a family of three, she is the only child of her parents, Darlene and Skylar Montgomery. 

Skylar, a prosperous entrepreneur, co-owns The Overhead Door Company, specializing in the sale and installation of garage doors.

Montgomery's family background reveals her roots in business, with her father's successful venture contributing to the dynamics of her upbringing in Parkersburg, shaping her journey from a small town to her multifaceted life as a nurse, beauty queen, and wife to Sean Payton.

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