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Steve Gonsalves Wife: Is He Married?

Published Wed Mar 03 2021 By Tashipalmo
Steve Gonsalves Wife: Is He Married?

Know if producer Steve Gonsalves is married or not.

Steve Gonsalves is a popular figure in the showbiz sector, with his works in the industry lasting for over a decade. He is best known as a producer than an actor, but the American is someone who does justice to both roles.

Over the years, Gonsalves made a name for himself playing and producing films like 'The House in Between' and 'The Captured Bird.'

Go nowhere as we bring details about his married and personal life here.

 Steve Gonsalves Wife: Is He Married?

steve posing in a space blue shirt

Steve Gonsalves is rumored to be married.
Image Source: Workforce


 The well-known paranormal investigator and former police officer  Steve Gonsalves has long worked in this spooky field and his extensive knowledge on the eerie subject comes from his personal experience mainly and also years and years of field research.  He is now rumored to be married according to some sources. Let's find it all here. 

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Steve Gonsalves was born on 23rd October 1975 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. His family later relocated to Philadelphia where he forayed into his thrilling paranormal investigating career. The paranormal experts have always kept a low profile and haven't revealed much about his personal life or about family anywhere on social media or in interviews.   


Steve Gonsalves taking a selfie

Steve Gonsalves was in a relationship with a high school girlfriend for a long time.                              Photo Source: Facebook


The spooky beginning. 

Needless to say, Steve's interest in the paranormal subject started at a very young age and there's was no stopping him when he found his calling. In 1996, he joined TAPS  (the Atlantic paranormal society) and  he then got into the cast of "The Ghost Hunters' famous series that entertained fans for 12 seasons. 


steve gonsalves striking a pose with comrades

Steve Gonsalves talked about how the 'Ghost nation' series was an emotional and scary experience.
Photo Source: Instagram

 The 45-year-old actor and producer reportedly investigated more than 1000 haunted locations. He later appeared in documentary-like Destination truth, captured bird, and many more.     

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Love life: Is Steve Gonsalves Married? 

Steve was dating his high school girlfriend  Alyce  Haynes for a long time but the couple ended in 2014. Steve hasn't dated anyone since Alyce  according to sources, either that he's just good at hiding things. 

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The faithful fans of the television star reportedly started this speculation of Steve being married but we assure you he is not and if he does, you will find  it first here.   

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