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Steve Wozniak Net Worth in 2021: Know About His Apple Shares and Income

Published Mon Jan 25 2021 By Bran
Steve Wozniak Net Worth in 2021: Know About His Apple Shares and Income

Grab the exciting details about the net worth and income of the founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.

Stephen Gary Wozniak, aka Steve Wozniak, is a massive personality in the corporate sector a partner of Apple Inc. He was not just a close friend to the late CEO Steve Jobs, but also the co-founder of the billion worth multi-national company. At this date, his foundation is the world's largest information technology company and the largest firm in the globe in terms of market capitalization. 

Every person in this world wishes to use Apple gadgets for their electrical solutions. Massive credit for that definitely goes to Steve Wozniak, who launched the initial products of the company, such as Apple II, and helped in the formation of Apple Macintosh. Although he left the firm way back in 1985, reports did show him as an employee in a ceremonial capacity in November 2019. So, stay right here to know the net worth and bank balance of the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak's Whopping Net Worth

Steve Wozniak poses for a picture with an Apple impersonation.

Steve Wozniak owns a staggering net worth of $100 million as of 2021.
Photo Source: PYMNTS

Ever wondered how much the founder of the world's leading information technology company Steve Wozniak makes? Well, having laid the roots in Apple, many people pay significant attention to his bank balance. Specifically, the 70-year-old gathers a staggering net worth of $100 million as of January 2021. As the pioneer of creating a revolution in the personal computer, such a colossal bank balance for the corporate sector made no surprise. 

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Steve Wozniak might gather a staggering financial status as we enter the new year 2021, but he isn't someone who loves to flaunt his huge bank balance. It was in late 2019 when Apple's co-founder disclosed in an interview how he gave most of his net worth to charity. His philanthropist works are nothing but admirable as he helped firms like 'Electronic Frontier Foundation'  and 'Tech Museum.' There is a high chance that his financial status deteriorated a little bit due to his three divorces with wives Alice Robertson, Candice Clark, and Suzanne Mulkern.

Steve Wozniak poses a picture with in suit.

Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs.
Photo Source: BCC Conferenciante

The main reason why Steve Jobs rose to fame in comparison to Steve Wozniak was due to the fact that he was more of an inventor of Apple while the late CEO was someone who marketed and commercialized the brand. In an interview in 2010, the salty Apple co-founder said how he did an A+ job at the multi-billionaire firm, but he did struggle to get money and training.  

Steve Wozniak's Luxurious House Cost Millions 

The financial status of a renowned computer engineer and Apple founder is quite transparent as he has several wealthy properties and real estate across the United States. Back in 2015, Steve Wozniak made huge news in the real estate market as he sold his mansion-like house in Los Gatos. Although he faced many difficulties with finding a wealthy buyer, he finally got one in 2015 when he sold the house to a pharmaceutical entrepreneur for a soaring $3.9 million.

Steve Wozniak caught on the camera in a blue jacket.

Steve Wozniak is an electronic engineer and an entrepreneur who prefers to do charity
Photo Source: The Verge

Steve Wozniak, aged 70, looks to be back in business with a new format as he is all set to start a second company named Efforce. Interestingly, he will be matching the modern-day needs as his firm focuses on matching the green technology needs and the blockchain space to ensure a marketplace to contribute to energy efficiency as they look for a better place for their market.

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In addition to Wozniak's assets, the businessman also owns a Tesla electric car which he purchased in March 2022, after already owning several other Tesla cars. Wozniak also owns a Chevrolet Bolt EV which is one of his favorite rides. Wozniak's EV Lucis Air possibly cost him $77,400. The highest range for the car's highest and most advanced model cost is $169,000.

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