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Stranger Things' Steve Actor Joe Kerry Haircut Leaves His Fans In Disbelief - Check Out The Hilarious Memes!

Published Mon Sep 16 2019 By Travis
Stranger Things' Steve Actor Joe Kerry Haircut Leaves His Fans In Disbelief - Check Out The Hilarious Memes!

The new hair of Steve Harrington is making the internet crazy.

One of the greatest things about 'Stranger Things' is the fact the characters are growing every season. Since most of the all the actors are kid, the growing up part of the actors are shown in the series which makes the whole thing even more interesting. One of the actors who grew up more than anyone in the show is 'Steve “The Hair” Harrington', who went from being one of the biggest douches in the world to the most adorable character in the world.

Steve Harrington went from the character of a generic high school jock to an almost father figure of six kids and also their guardian in season two. Then there was the third season Steve where the relationship between 'Dustin' and Steve was just heart-melting. There is no one in the world who watched the third season of Stranger Things and didn’t fall in love with the character.

Joe Keery at the Emmys

Joe Keery and his beautiful voluminous hair.
Source: Today Show

But the one thing we love the most about the actor is without a doubt, his hair, which in no uncertain terms, is legendary. The luscious, voluminous hair of Steve was a fan favorite, and everyone was in love with the flowing dark hair of the character. The whole hair thing was even a plot point in the second season of Stranger Things, the reason for the bonding of Dustin and Steve was over the hair and the moment when he became dad-Steve the dude showed Dustin how to get hair like his.

Now, the actor was at a dinner in Los Angeles for the launch of Chanel’s new fragrance where the actor shocked the whole world with what he did to his hair. The suit he was wearing was nice, but again people were not looking at his suit or his face, the first thing where the eyes went was his head, and people almost fainted when they saw what was done to his fair. Gone was the flowing black hair which almost looked like a mullet and touched the ceiling, in came bangs which to be honest is horrible to look at.

Joe Keery at the Chanel party with his new bangs

Joe Keery stepped out in Los Angeles with his new look and fans were not ready for any of it.
Source: InStyle

Bangs weren’t nice when they were popular in the olden days, and they are not nice now and considering the pile of awesomeness which rested on top of his head before September came around. As you can imagine, people were freaking out on the internet, and it was hilarious, the memes and the status people were sharing on Twitter. Take a look at some of the funny ones below;

To be clear, the man is way more talented, and it is not only about his hair, which was nice, but he cannot be the same person always. Joe Keery, as a person, also needs to grow and maybe letting go of the huge hair of his was the actor’s way of saying he is ready for the next phase of his career.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement for the fourth season of the beloved series, and there will be even more people suffering from heartbreak when the fourth season of Stranger Things arrives, and the hair of Harrington is gone.